Hat Pattern Help- "Twist"?

Hey guys,
It’s been so long since I’ve visited/posted! I’ve had a bit of a knitting dry spell, but with colder weather rolling in, I’m in need of new fall/winter wear.

I finished my first hat the other day, and realized I made it slightly too big. I’ll still wear it, but it boosted my confidence to try something a bit more complicated. I found a pattern I want to try, and was reading through to make sure it wasn’t too far out of my league, and found a term I had no clue about!

The link for the pattern is http://www.knitlist.com/99gift/baby-ribbed-hat.htm but for those who don’t want to do any extra clicking, I’ll just copy + paste the part that’s throwing me off.

LOOSELY cast on 88 sts. Work in K2, P2 rib for 1 inch.

In the next round, make a right twist in each knit rib by knitting into the second stitch of the rib, pulling the new stitch through but not slipping it off the needle, then knitting into the first stitch, and slipping that to the working needle.

If you prefer a left twist, or use another method, you can do that too. HINT: if you prefer a left twist, make a left-leaning decrease in the knit ribs on the decrease rounds."

The twist thing is totally confusing me! Am I knitting into the thread between each stitch? Second stitch on the needle? Or something completely different?

Thanks for everything guys and gals!

See if this video helps. I wish she was using a thicker yarn, but you can see how she’s doing it if you watch closely.

Thank you so much!
It never occurred to me to check out Youtube for the answer.