Hat Pattern for 6/7 year old girl

Where can I find a knit hat pattern for a 6 or 7 year old girl?
I have dk yarn.
I did make strawberry hats for 2 year olds now need to make it larger. One pattern calls for 88sts but it’s for 2year old and that’s a little snug.
If I would use size 5 (original pattern calls for size6 or 7 needles) would I get too many sts and that making the hat too large? or go to a size 8 and would it make the hat smaller. I’m confused on something like increases without a pattern.

This Super Simple Circular Hat Calculator might help you find the right gauge.

This site has a table for head sizes and this site has an Easy Roll Brim Hat Generator.

Monks Cordtutorial.

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This one says it will fit toddlers to adults, and is just darling!
It uses DK yarn.
Karen G
in GA

My site (see my signature) has a number of hats suitable for a girl.

Search on hats, knitting, child & everyone, female.