Hat on circular needles

Hi everyone I have not been knitting for along time . I decided to start again making a couple of winter hats. I have made the following pattern QUAKER RIBBED BOTTOM HAT found on this site and love the hat and the idea you do not need to use DPN. It turned out great Does anyone have another pattern for a circular hat without DPN. I was wondering if you need to use DPN on most hats or can you do like this pattern and leave enough yarn and just pull the top tight .

I used this pattern and a 16in circular needle. It worked great!

Here’s a beginner hat which is knit on straight needles. :smiley:

I have made this hat also and really liked it . I like the Quaker Rib Hat because it is done on circs but no DPN Just wondering if there are any other patterns like it out there . I am really no good with DPN but love circulars.

It would be worth it to “sacrifice” one hat just to GET comfortable with dpns…hats are a good way to do that because you dont START on dpns…the joining can be a bit trickier. Having some work already on the needles makes it easier. And, you’ll have SO much more choice in CUTE patterns when you’re done! It gets easier, I promise!!

I knit three copies of the simple knit hat, on straight needles. I have yet to master the concept of gauges. The result has been three hats each in bizarre sizes lol. Does blocking fix the puckered top when you knit em on straight? All three of mine (aside from there freakish sizing) are puckered at top and have a tiny tiny hole at the top.


Have you considered learning the two-circs method instead of using DPNs? It’s sooooo cool, and not complex, just takes a little getting used to. Video here: http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting/videos/adv-tech/2-circular-needles-rds.mpg

I so love my quaker rib…my 1st hat for me in chunky alpaca…yummy :wink:
Jan gave you the link that I use for all my hats, it’s customizable to head size & gauge :thumbsup: . I think KK has a great idea in that you could get comfy with dpns with hats, that’s how I began using them :wink: . Although, you can decrease on any hat with your 16" circs until you can’t decreas any more & do the same thing that you did with the Quaker Rib & gather the remaining sts on the circs & tie off, your hat just won’t be as fitted as if you decreased all the way :wink:
FYI…I used to be PETRIFIED of dpns!! Once I realized that I really was only using the 2 needles @ the time, I was okay & decided to give it a go & with a bit of practice have now found it to be a lot of fun :wink:
Have fun :cheering: :cheering:

Once I conquered my fear of trying dpn’s, I loved them. I’d much rather use them than circ’s. It’s a personal preference, I guess; but I get so tired of stopping to push the yarn up on circular’s. Also, I have a big case of knitters add. :rollseyes: I get so bored, so quick. Working on dpn’s seems to be less monotonous. :happydance:

Exactly!!! I don’t know why but I love those 4 little sticks too! I also prefer them to circulars. It’s weird, once you get used to them you love em.
Somehow less stress o the fingers, usually. And don’t be fooled by bigger (the needle) is easier, with dpns, sizes 3, 4 are easier I think. Not that big of a difference but … you’ve got to try,you won’t mind it at all and you can make some neat tops to your hats when you do use them.