Hat on 16" Circular Needle

I’ve tried twice to make a hat this way…watched a video that told me to measure the head (24") and then multiply it by the number of stitches in your swatch. I was knitting 4 stitches per inch so I cast on 96 stitches and went to town with a simple beanie hat. It is WAY to big around and just sits on my husbands head! So I watched another video that said to subtract two inches from the head measurement as this will make the hat snug rather than loose…I did that and it’s still way to big and just sits on the head…HELP!!

I’m using a size 9 wooden 16" circular with Patons worsted weight yarn.

Did you measure your sts on the hats you did? Sometimes the gauge changes from a flat swatch when you knit in the round and you knit looser.

I generally use a US 7 or 8 needle for worsted weight yarn and I cast on about 80-88. Try a smaller needle and the hat will be smaller, too.

Yes, I’ve measured the stitches from the hat that is finished and it comes out to 4 stitches per inch as well. I’m totally confused :nails:

I also took the advice of the second video and subtracted down to 88 stitches to cast on and it is still loose on the bottom…perhaps if I rib stitch the bottom that will pull it in sufficiently to be snug?

Oh! You didn’t use ribbing? Knitting stretches naturally and it does get out of shape some when you are knitting it. If you used Patons Classic Wool you can block it and you may be able to get it closer to size that way. Wool can also be felted so you could lightly felt it till it fits better. It shrinks up more height wise so keep that in mind if you try it.

Ribbing is great though because it helps it snug up to the head better and it bounces back unlike non ribbed which will stay more stretched.