Hat & Mitten set for Alaska Head Start Program

I saw in the Charity forum (I think that is where I saw it) that they needed warm hats/mittens for the children in Alaska’s Head Start Program (4 year olds) that aren’t sent to school w/ mittens and gloves.

I am an elementary art teacher and just traced a couple of the smaller kindergartener’s hands when they came to art class so I’d have an idea of the proper size needed for mittens.

Here is the set that I finished… (I have another hat made and will try to find time to make matching mittens.)
The yarn is a wonderful soft wool acrylic blend that I had purchased when I used to live in Italy. It is tiny little flecks of red, blue, etc mixed in here and there. I had these 2 balls for a few years and I decided that it was time for them be ‘made into something’ …

hat and mittens were just ‘winged’… so, no pattern… I did write down what I did on the mitten so I could make another the same size! :wink:

NOW, does anyone know the address that I’m supposed to send this to?

Here’s the link posted in the other thread:

and wow!
Your work is awesome - - to imagine just knitting those up without a pattern? I’m amazed!
(I never try ANYTHING without a pattern :slight_smile:
This inspires me to knit up something to help out as well…
Thanks for posting!
Karen G
in GA

Kayrun- thanks… I’ll try to get these mailed out soon.

AND you can do it… once you’ve made one hat… you can wing them… honest.

You did a beautiful job. Some little person is going to be very happy to receive those. :thumbsup:

Those are very cute!

Good cause, as it’s very cold up there. Kids seem to be double bundled most winter days.

I could not live there anymore, not hardy enough to do so.

I was never sturdy enough to live in ALASKA! :smiley: Let’s see if I can make it through my first GERMAN WINTER… The fog that lasts all day… is already getting to me. (The only fog that I’ve known in the past-- was burned off by the sun around 9am… not here… 4pm and there will still be FOG around!)

[B]Iwouldratherbeknitting[/B], I love this set! You did a great job!:yay:

They look great and such a pretty colour.

Really nice set,lovely colour just great for a little kid

Very nice set and such a pretty color!

:happydance: Great job!

great hat and a great idea for a charity

Great set!:thumbsup: I especially love the little ear flaps–will keep someone’s little ears warm.

I thought that the hat ‘might’ last an extra year or two w/ the earflaps on it too… ??

Lovely set! Sounds like a wonderful program!