Hat help

I need help with hats. I’ve made 4. in the round. The bottoms are so BIG
my kids, even I won’t wear them. I’m following the pattern for # of stitches to cast on. They are very basic hats. How can I make them tighter at the bottom but yet get it on my head? thanks B

If you are sure you have the same number of stitches the pattern calls, for, then your stitches must be too big. Have you checked gauge?

Here’s what I’d do: get one of the too-big hats. Flatten it out without stretching it. Count how many stitches you have for every 4 in/10 cm. Divide this by 4 to get your number of st. per 4 in.

Measure around your head (or the person for whom the hat is). Let’s pretend it’s 50 cm/20 in. Figure out how many stitches will give you that measurement in inches.

That will give you a hat exactly the size of your head. You probably don’t want that, you probably want it slightly smaller so it will be slightly stretched once on the head. So subtract an inch or so’s worth of stitches. That’s the cast-on amount for the brim.
Try Crazy Aunt Purl’s stocking hat for more details.