Hat for hubby

I want to knit a hat for my hubby. He isn’t a ‘homemade hat’ kind of fella… so I want it to be perfect. I measured his bean and it is about 22 inches.

I got a gorgeous yarn… Paton SWS in Natural Navy


really soft and nice ‘manly’ colors.

Any suggestions on a fairly straight forward pattern? I’ve been just casting on in the round, K1/P1 for about an inch and then K for about5 inches and then decrease K8 K2tog, etc, K a row, K7 K2tog etc etc etc until I have between 10 and 20 stiches and then I finish the hat.

Are there other patterns that fit better or that look better than that?

I want to make my fussy man a happy one! :slight_smile:


I should have put this in ‘patterns’… mods want to move it for me?


I use this formula when knitting hats for my hubby. I’ve knit him hats with a ribbed edging that can be turned up, as well as plain st st hats that curl up, he likes both styles.
Ahhh, another hat that he loves and actually asked me to make for him is Tychus from Knitty.


I see that in the first pattern, after you knit the ribbing, you increase or decrease your stitches again… is this normal for hat patterns?

The increase or decrease is done so that you have a # that is to be divisible for the way in which you decrease. For example, in the formula I gave you the decreasing is begun with multiples of 10 (k2tog, k8=10 sts). The increase/decrease is done to accomodate the decreasing for the crown of the hat, if the cast on # is a number that you can use for the crown decrease (multiples of x), then you don’t need to increase or decrease when you begin stockinette because you have the correct amt of sts for the crown decrease…does this make sense?


yes, this makes sense.


There’s a nice pattern for a watch cap at Needle Beetle’s site. Very “Man” style. My husband likes this kind of knit cap. :muah: samm

do you have a link for this?