Hat calculator

I’m hoping someone can help me find a website that I used to have bookmarked before my computer crashed. It was a site that was maybe “meinhaus” something something…but it told you how to make a hat using a formula of the circumference of the head, number of stitches per inch…etc. I’ve looked and looked and cannot find it. If anyone knows of such a site I would really really appreciate your help.

I’m not sure this is the one you are looking for, but…


Here is one.


Spiral topped hat

How to shape the top of a hat.

Roll brim hat

Hope these help.

Thanks to both of you. I think the one for shaping the top of the hat will do what I need to do. I’m at that point in my hat that I need to start my decreases, so this should work out great. Thanks again.:muah:

Perhaps this is what you were looking for?


:muah: :muah:

That’s a really useful Formula. I have printed it off. Thank you.

Lelvsdgs…that’s exactly the one…I was a little off on the name, wasn’t I? But, that’s the one I used to have bookmarked. Thank you soo much!

Well, it’s kind of close! :slight_smile: Glad I could help. I’ve found it very useful.