Hat Attack!

I just found out about Hat Attack!!

It is similar to SockWars but using Hats instead.

The basic idea is, everybody signs up before a certain day.
You get given a ‘target’ to ‘kill’ and a hat pattern. On the designated day, the competition starts to get your hat knitted and mailed to your ‘target’ before you recieve one in the post. If you receive a hat before you have mailed one you are ‘killed’. The winner is the last man standing.

It sounds fun, and it doesnt kick off until mid september so i can get my dissertation out of the way and save up some money for yarn and postage. This round is being sponsored by SWT because they have a new yarn out. The winner will get some yummy yarn, and as the pattern is designed to by knit in that yarn (although they don’t have to be since peoples budgets etc vary), you are likely to end up with at least a yummy hat.

Is anybody else taking part? Oh it started on Ravelry so here is the Ravelry page about it. :woohoo::knitting:

I am interested in how this works a little more. Do you have to knit multiple hats to win or only one? It seems that different people are different distances apart for mailing. Does this affect results, or how is this evened out so that there is some fairness?

I just went and signed up! I was going to do Sock Wars but then
changed my mind and had been sort of regretting getting in on the
fun so this should make up for that :slight_smile:

Merigold, there is a website hat-attack.com that has an faq you
can check out. From what I understand, you knit until you are
"killed" so you might only knit one hat or you might knit several
depending on how quickly your assassin gets to you. As far as
distances between targets I think it’s just luck of the draw.
Some people pay extra money for super fast shipping but I don’t
plan to do that. I’m not in it to win, just for the fun of getting to
get killed by a piece of knitting! :slight_smile:


I think in the intitial stages they match people up by country (or at least continent) to try and help things along, but it adds to the fun of it.

You might think ‘oh God, i have to post to somebody in Germany from the UK’, but somebody it could be Somebody in Israel who has to post to you, so it all evens out.

How many you knit depends on how long you are in the game.
If you send your hat and get a ‘kill’ then that person sends the details of who their target was and the hat they were knitting (at whatever stage of completion) to you and they become your new target and the partially knit hat is your new weapon which you have to complete and send on. I think. Thats how sockwars works anyway.

Tarrentella, are you going to be using the Therapi yarn suggested
for the pattern? I’m having trouble finding it without paying way
to much in shipping fees so I’m going to try and find a substitute.

Libbie :slight_smile:

I joined, but there is NO way I can afford that yarn… gotta find something else…

Hello! I was excited to see that my little knitting competition, HAT ATTACK!, has made it to the knittinghelp.com boards. This is a great way for adventurous new knitters to learn a new skill, and it will keep the pros entertained too! Have fun or die knitting!

The Oracle

no, due my tight tight budget i will have to find somthing suitable in my stash. which is a shame becuse it does look like lovely yarn

Ok, good to hear that at least a couple others are not going to use
it. There is not a local source for me and by the time I add shipping
to an already expensive yarn my dh just said no way! hehe…

I’m going to some yarn shops today to see if I can find some nice
wool/silk blends. We’ll see :slight_smile:

Fox220 aka The Oracle, thanks for having such a fun competition!
This will be my first year to try it but I can’t wait for the "bullets"
to start flying :slight_smile:


I’m really excited about it! I’m thinking of using some stash too. I have Andean Silk.[COLOR=Black] Just not sure what to use with it… I may have to buy color and use the Andean Silk with it.

But gives me a reason to make a trip to the yarn store and that’s GREAT!

Welcome fox220!

I just got home with hopefully my Hat Attack yarn! I found a lovely
80/20 wool/silk blend in a local yarn (I like to support the locals hehe)
and if it knits up as lovely as it feels just in the balls then I’ll be
set! I chose green and grey for my colors because I wanted it to
be a nice combination but also something that either a male or
female could wear. What colors are you guys thinking?

Libbie :slight_smile:

I got a blue and a grey in Debbie Bliss Rialto (our LYS only stocks some not-so-nice generic acrylics) so i had to go a little further afield and consequently found myself surrounded by soft squishy posh yarns, it wasn’t super cheap but was more affordable than Therapi (and the train fare i spent to get to the store about matches the cheaper P&P from ordering online so it worked out ok)!!

Is everybody ready?

Wowser, sorry I didn’t see this sooner. I would have really been “game” for it! Even with all the holiday knitting I’ve got lined up!

Oh, well, that’ll teach me to be more alert for these things!