Has your boss at work ever

Hello all,

Well, for the first time since I have started this job, I heard my boss jump out of his chair and start swearing at his computer. (He is normally a pretty quiet and polite guy.) Apparently, he was working on a very important letter for two hours, never saved it … and after hitting the wrong button, it was gone. :whoosh: I was humoursly anxious as he has never acted like that before, and I thought he would know to save a document as he is making progress and working on it! Isn’t that common sense?:zombie:

He is still recovering from his near-stroke, but I think he is desperately pestering the IT guys for a way to retrieve the document. Unfortunately, he is getting the “you’re S-O-L” response.

Oh well! Live and Learn!! Do you have a boss like that?

The dummy should have it auto-saving every few minutes. Almost all word processors have that function.

I once had a boss who was a complete computer moron. The idiot didn’t even know how to turn the thing on. Pretty sad considering we were an engineering/IT company. I eventually replaced him as boss. :rofl:

There are alot of people who I call “functionally computer illiterate”. They can do the basics to get by but that’s all. They also have no desire to learn. Sounds like your boss is one of them.

He is functionally illiterate but I do think he has a desire to learn. Some things just don’t connect … 'specially since he usually has me take care of his typing anyway. He’s too busy making the cheese spreads! :slight_smile: Which is a good thing really … he’s usually out of my hair then.

my new boss just scheduled a mandatory staff meeting. Fine, I’m ok with that, but she reserved the conference room for 2 1/2 hours. Oh my head hurts just thinking about it!!! she’s new to management, and she’s trying to find her “style”. she’s bouncing between “friend” boss and “B*tch” boss. Either way, she will be a micromanager. (oy.)

I’m good at my job- stop emailing me 5 times a day reminding me how to do it!!!

She’s very computer-savvy, but not at all people-savvy. she will have to learn!

Hey Mason, I don’t think that I will ever be able to replace him … although I think he will get told to retire in 5 years or less. I think that he will never really ‘get’ computers. Some people just can’t wrap their brains around that kind of stuff.

I’m the only “techie” here at the office. When coworker or boss hollers about some troubles they are having I often tell them it is a PEBKAC issue. (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Computer) They never find that as funny as I. LOL

I usually call them S.U.E.s…stupid user errors. It’s your choice as to whether stupid is modifying the error or the user. :mrgreen:

I laughed so hard one day. My boss told me that she needed some work one night that didn’t “need her brain” so she did some of the things she normally has me do for her.

She broke the scanner/printer/copier. Not just jammed it…BROKE it. I still don’t know how she did it.

She hasn’t been as condescending since then!:muah:


My boss curses at all kinds of inaminate objects every single day–the computer, the copier, the shredder, the electric stapler, the HOLE PUNCH! Its all part of his “charm” :roll:

And Misty, :teehee: I believe it–I’m all the time hearing “Denise, could you come back here and see why this isn’t working?”

My answer: “OK. What did you do to it?” :rofl:


As an IT person of 30 years, I totally agree with the PEBKAC theory!


Never seen my boss swear at the computer, but our office manager did beat up the copier yesterday while saying a few choice words.


heh, I use Pebkac a lot. of course when my dad or best friend do something that wasn’t quite smart, I tell them it was and eye dee ten tee error. (I D 10 T) and while I was working for Dell, I’d get BDU’s (brain dead users) but I’ve never had a boss that wasn’t computer savvy.

Best movie ever!!!:roflhard::roflhard:

I used to be one of 14 contractors at an office (date review in Pharma Research)
Some ID10T DL a virus, and it sent out e-mails to everyone in the contacts (as they are prone to do)
I ran around my little office of 13 other people and changed all the outboxes to ONCE-A-DAY not immediate. our outboxes filled up quickly, but we were able to make dummy e-mails with odd names so we could delete large banks of virus e-mails instead of sending them out.
By the time IT came to our little cornr of the world, we were calling out to each other every few min to Create and delete, and the IT guys were SO IMPRESSED, they asked the personel person to hire me outright
in hind sight I M very glad he said NO
but all the managers were anyoed i took it on myself to alter their puter settings.



:teehee: … “ID 10 T”, “PEBKAC”