Has there been any word on new KP interchangeables?

I’m dying to get them but I want to wait for the shorter cable :pout:

They told me there would be some new Options in the spring. They didn’t specify what type so I don’t know if 16 in cable is in the works yet or not. :shrug:

poop :doh:

I wish they would tell us

Even if they do come out with shorter cables, you’d be able to add to the set by buying them individually. I dont think they are going to make changes to the basic set and still charge $60. If they include more, they will charge more. It will probably work out the same as buying now and then purchasing additional items.

Someone here did a test and said that 16" is too short for the needle tips, so they may not be planning to go that small.

I agree that they are not likely to change the original set.

I hope they redesign the case. :?

I like the case!

I hope they make a set of shorter tips to go with shorter cables to make a 16in circ!

I just had the funniest idea. They should make 1 shorter tip in size 4 and you could always use it as the left needle! :rofl:

Now I need to go measure the 24" cable and see if that would work. :thinking: