Has anyone used a Passap Duomatic 80 Knitting Machine?

Hi All,

I’ve started learning to knit by hand (and can nearly get a straight line out of it), but just ran across a knitting machine for sale from an older lady down the road. Its a Passap Duomatic 80 knitting machine, which includes all the needles, parts, accessories, the stand, the manual, a ton of books and some sort of automation cards (which i assume to be punch cards from what I can see), boxes of cones of yarn, and a bunch more stuff. No rust, great condition. All for about $200.

Now, I have no idea if this is a good deal, or a terrible idea all around. Thats why I’m hoping for some input from someone who may have used one of these machines in the past, or something similar (i think its a dual bed?).

As a sidenote, I’m finding that i have terrible problems with regular knitting because of carpal tunnel from too much computer work (however, spinning yarn doesn’t bother me at all, i assume due to the motions being different), and because I was taught some way that involves wrapping the yarn in a strange way around the needles and requires a lot of wrist movement. Terrible description I know :eyebrow2:

Anyway, any help is appreciated, i searched the forums for different combinations of passap and duomatic but didn’t find too much.

I’m not real familiar w/knitting machines. I’d try to google the machine and see if you can figure out what it’s value is new. Maybe offer them half that, assuming of course $200 isn’t a better deal.

The extra yarn, books, etc - that kind of stuff really doesn’t sell for much 2nd hand. See if they’ll toss that into the deal since it’s not stuff they’ll likely want to keep and too much trouble to sell by itself.

:cheering: Hi I’m Margaret and live up in the Highlands of Scotland. I think that price is good. At present they sell on ebay here for around £185.00 - £290.00. I have had my Duomatic80 for around 15years. It is a wonderful machine, in my book it is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of knitting machines. I also have a Brother 950i electronic and a Knitmaster 155 Professional Chunky and as mjuch as I love them too my Passap is the best. Take your time read the instructions over and over again and I bet you will LOVE IT TOO.
Would be delighted to hear how you get on and if I can help at anytime.

Can anyone tell me what size of punch cards I need for this machine? TYVM:)

Hi dipsymeg. I have a duomatic80 and am very new to it. Never knitted a row. Where I live, I know no one who has one either and only 1 craft store. I need help lol Can you help me get started? I am at my wits end trying to figure it out. Thanks very much. Laura

Hi! I am a new Passap Duo 80 knitter too. I have/learned on a Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine. They are two completely different animals. But I’m loving it. It can do sooooo much. Check out yahoo groups. Type in PassapPeople. They have been very helpful to me.
Good Luck. Let me know how your doing.

Wow, I am so lucky. I found the following for $199 on Craigslist, A Passap D80 with a form computer, Deco, 4 color changer, a Linker, AND a motor! The man I bought it from had just lost his wife and just wanted it to go away. I even tried to get him to sell it for more money but he said he wanted it to go to someone who would enjoy it. In case you all don’t know…there is a big seminar mostly dedicated to the Passap coming up on Memorial Day weekend near Portland, OR. I am planning to attend. I’ve never been to the Northwest USA so this will be great. Just google Pacifically Passap and you’ll find the info. They’re offering classes on maintenance, techniques, etc. Let’s go!!!

Unfortunately I do not live anywhere close to there. I did manage to take the machine apart to “deep clean” it. Now am trying to re-assemble it! What a chore. You are very fortunate to be able to attend this seminar. I just wish I were coming too lol. Good luck and let me know what you learned. I do have an email I check regularly if you’d like to use it. moooosie@gmail.com:cheering:

Hi there yes I have used for a long time more that 10years ago and its brilliant I have just come across another one to get on it again this summer