Has anyone seen the "ivore" needles?

I was in my local yarn store, and they were unpacking the most curious looking needles.

Nice and flexy, pretty ivory colour with burgundy knobs…

Made of … wait for it… Milk protein.

How bizzare! Has anyone else seen these?? Used these???

OOOH! Sounds interesting!

Milk protein?! And I thought it was hard enough keeping the cat out of the knitting!

That is odd. I wonder how on earth someone came up with that idea? :thinking:

Ingrid you made me snort. :oops:

probably the same person that made yarn out of Bamboo! :roflhard:

Have you FELT that bamboo yarn??? Its SOFT and YUMMY!

Oh, they have GORGEOUS tortiose shell patterned casein needles too. Can’t find the link right now, but they were very tempting. If I wasn’t so spoiled by wooden needles, I would have ordered them already!

Found it! http://www.arnos.com.au/swallow/ they are produced in AU, MisstiaLouise :slight_smile:

Yummy? I thought only pandas ate bamboo. :thinking:

I saw a pattern in the Patternworks catalog for SW Trading Co’s bamboo. It has bell sleaves and a wide neck. of course it looks great on the model… but i got to touchy feely some of that yarn in Minneapolis…so drapey and luscious…(how do you spell the sound for drooling?)
I havent’ seen the Ivore needles but I have heard of them. I love tools made of nice materials. Makes this such a luxurious craft doesn’t it? :heart:

“Manufactured from the purest edible grade rennet CASEIN”

In case you run out of bamboo, I guess. :rollseyes:

heh, well think the only type of wooden needles I’ve uses are toothpicks, but hey, they work great for DPN’s :lol:

For teeny, tiny socks?

Yup, those ants in my house have got to stop making the noise, figured the socks would dampen the noise. :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: Best one all day!!!

yes, aren’t they lovely!? I’m thinking of adding the Swallow products to my website!! :smiley: