Has anyone knit the Upstairs Socks?

I’m knitting the Upstairs Socks and have converted mine for ML. I placed markers where my needles 2 and 4 would be and had no real issues with the ribbing. When I started the pattern, I got 7 rows into the pattern and noticed that it all looks like garter st or purl bumps with a hole or two here or there. It’s not looking like the pattern. I re-counted my stitches and everything is where it should be. I’m wondering if I worked it wrong or if it looks like this initially. I’ve messaged a couple of people on Ravelry who’ve completed these socks, but thought I’d put feelers out here too.

Thanks in advance!

Did you see the correction on Ravelry? It says to “p1, k8, p1” instead of “k1, p8, k1” on all the even rows which were the original instructions in the English version of the pattern. Your description of your results sounds like you hadn’t made the correction in your knitting.

I remember reading it and then I got completely distracted and must have knit it without paying attention to the errata. DER! Have you ever had one of those - ‘I can’t believe I did that!’ days? :hair: :wall: Oh well… Thank goodness I didn’t get very far into the pattern!