Has anyone knit a doll? I found this sweet pattern

for a Nisse doll… www.viv.dk/Patterns/EDownloads/ENISSERI.pdf

she’s adorable! I’m thinking of making her for my 3 year old DD for Christmas…how hard is it?

If you have another free pattern to share, I’d be glad to see others…

Oh! And what weight yarn do you think they used…I;m guessing the Scottish Tweed 4 ply, but do you think I could use worsted for a bigger doll? (This one is only about 10 inches) Thanks!

ETA: What does everyone think about using KP Swish DK??

I’ve knit Teddy bears, and from what I’m seeing of this pattern it wouldn’t be much more difficult to knit a doll than it was to knit a Teddy bear…IE not hard at all.

Thank you! Any thoughts on the worsted weight?

I to have knitted bears but not dollies…she sure is cute though I think your daughter would love her. Worsted is that the same as our DK? If so I think that would be perfect. Good Luck x

I’ve also knitted bears and the knitting part isn’t hard at all. However, seaming and putting it all together can be a little tedious.

Don’t let that discourage you if this is something you really want to do. Seaming isn’t difficult, it just takes time.

If you are going to change yarn, I suggest knitting a large swatch to make sure it is the look you want. I made a bear once that took me several swatches and needle-size changes before I got the look I wanted.

She is VERY CUTE!!!

Thanks for the pattern! I have been wanting to knit my
2.5 year old dd a doll and I think this will just perfect!
Libbie :slight_smile:

That doll is [B][U]adorable[/U][/B]!!! :inlove: I knit a doll from this book (if you do the “look inside this book”, it’s the picture of the doll they show as being listed on page 20). It has you knit all garter stitch pieces (either squares or rectangles), then you shape them as you seam them. I made the doll with Caron’s Simply Soft yarn because I made the doll for my messy toddler and knew it would need a lot of washing! :teehee:

I’d like to own that book cookworm but why is it $41.00??:noway: I think I’ll wait until I see it at a more reasonable price.

Libbie, what yarn are you going to use?

I just love this little doll!! I can’t wait to start her up!

It’s out of print, so everybody can sell their copy for what they want :wink:. Otherwise I think the book would’ve normally sold for something like $20. I don’t know why they don’t put this book back into print; it would make a GREAT book for beginners that might want to make toys but are nervous about having to do increases and decreases.

Oh, not sure what yarn to use. I’d like to use sort of a thick
yarn so that it makes a nice sized doll. And of course it must
be washable and soft. Unfortunately, here the yarn with the
best color choice is wool and I’m not entirely sure how nice
that would be for a doll!

Do you have any plans for yarn yet?

What a cutie! Thanks so much for posting the link

Libbie, I was reading somewhere that wool makes great dolls as it warms as they’re held by their “mommies”. I’m thinking about a DK…maybe the Knit Picks Swish (which is superwash). I’m going to a yarn store today and am going to take the pattern with me.


She’s cute and she looks easy, worsted wieght should be fine. I’ve knit a Bad JuJu doll from www.anticraft.com and he was really easy. do it! It’s super fun.