Has anyone a pattern for Christmas themed patterns for adults sweaters

Hi everyone, Just joined the clan, has anyone patterns for christmas themed patterns for adult sweaters. Santa claus, snowman, reindeer, christmas tree. etc. I want to knit my two adult sons and two son-in-law’s a sweater each for christmas surprise pressie.Regards Lizzie:grphug: :knitting:

Check out Mary Maxim web site. There are several in the catalog.

I can’t see a lot offering out there.
You could do your own pattern if all else fails.
Take a suitable plain sweater pattern and add pictures or design elements to it.
take motifs from other knit patterns such as, dishcloths, stockings etc and place them on sweater as desired.
a browse around this KPC site might produce ideas.
and some cross stitch charts here should work for Knitting.
also check out some of the Norwegian charts on same site (see sidebar index). they could look quite festive done in suitable colours.
and one more,
The mens section here has some good fair-isle and Norwegian patterns, also worth a look.