Has anybody seen this?

I just saw this on Lion Brand’s site, and I LOVE IT!!! :inlove: How hard do you think would this be for somebody that hasn’t knitted garments really? I made Sally Melville’s Einstein Coat a few times, but I haven’t had to knit separate pieces and seam them, which I assume you’d have to do for this top.

Maybe. It looks like a yoked top, maybe you knit the cable band then pick up stitches along the sides of it for the neck and cabled parts.

I saw it the other day and fell in love! I want to make it, too! And I’m thinking that the details and cables and such will hide any irregular stitches that I’ll knit, much better than plain stockinette, anyway.

It’s a beautiful pattern, Cooks, and one I would love to do - that flared front would hide a multitude of things I would prefer weren’t there.

To be honest though, if you haven’t done any seaming, I think it’s not the best item to start with.

You’ve got quite a heavy central cable, which pulls stitches in and as I said, the bottom is flared. Take a look at the sleeves - the left one (as we see it) looks flared while the right one doesn’t. It’s just the way they’ve laid it out, I know, - but it demonstrates the line of the sleeves.

Go ahead and get the pattern by all means but if you could find a (free) pattern for a baby’s sweater and knit that first, you’d learn how to seam and then you would feel more confident about knitting the jumper in the pic.

I often knit little cardies and jumpers and regard them as practice pieces - so if something does go pair-shaped, it’s easier to deal with and it’s helped me to learn alot.

I really do like that pattern and style -will probably end up getting a copy.

Hope this helps.


:rofl: Me too, Ellie! That’s just what I thought when I saw this pattern! Thank you for your advice, too. I downloaded a copy of the pattern (for $4, I think I could afford to download it and look it over; it’s not like it was a huge expense), so I’m going to check it out and see what the pattern says and what it says about the seaming.

Can you let us know a little about how it’s knitted and put together. I keep going back to it and want to know what I’m getting into before I get started. :slight_smile:

Mrs Levite wrote:

“I keep going back to it and want to know what I’m getting into before I get started.” :teehee:

That’s the story of my life - only it never quite works out that way. :whistle:

Please give us all a shout, Cooks, and let us know how you get on.

Ain’t that the truth! :mrgreen:

Here’s the skinny on the sweater: the yoke is knitted in two pieces; cable part first, then stitches are picked up to form the garter stitch yoke. Stitches are picked up for the arms (knit flat then seamed), and stitches are picked up for the front and back of the sweater. Sleeves are knit flat and seamed, and there are side seams and seaming in the back of the cable yoke. I don’t like seaming :ick:, but I think I can do the knit portion of this sweater with no problem! :happydance: The cabling doesn’t look too complicated, either.

I will just have to study Amy’s videos more intently to see how to seam better, and I guess seaming up a garment gives me practice, right? :eyes: Now, to find yarn…with no LYS nearby and the limited selection of the “retail yarn trinity” (Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and Joann’s), it might be a while before I can start this.

Thanks! That’s exactly what I wanted to know. :):muah:

Aha, I thought it looked like it was contructed that way!
I don’t see why you couldn’t knit the body and the sleeves seamless. If you’re going to pick up stitches from the cabled yoke, you might as well keep going.


Thanks very much for the details about the jumper pattern. It’s much appreciated.

Sewing is not my idea of fun, so I had a mooch around to see what was happening with seaming.

Came up with this site:


(Skip the first three short paras and go straight for the first photo.)

It has very detailed photos of mattress stitch and tells you the best way to go about it - for left-handers too.

It even tells you how to fix wrongly counted rows of ribbing.

Thanks again for the info. Cooks.

Ok I think I have gone over that site a hundred times, trying to find where to click for the pattern. I must be blind I feel like when you tell the kids go look for something with there eyes shut. :passedout: So could you :waah: please show me where to buy the pattern on the sight!!! :flirt: Thanks as I really feel silly about not finding it :clink:

Hiya Ginge’

Go to main lionbrand site and enter the pattern no.

[B]60618AD [/B]into the Search box on the top right.

If you need patterns in the future from them, just look on title of item and make a note of pattern no. if it’s given.

All the Best

I found where people had made their own sweaters as a knock off of a Victoria secret pattern, see - olgajazzzy.blogspot.com/

Here’s a good one -
One based on a cardigan in a British fashion mag
A pattern in spanish or portuguese

See, that’s what I wondered, too. It seems to me like some of the Lion Brand patterns that can be knitted in the round are written to be knitted flat…maybe so some knitters won’t be intimidated to have to knit in the round? But they got you using a circular needle for this project anyway, so why not do it the easy way and just knit in the round seamlessly? :shrug::??

Yay! Thanks Limey!!! That will be a GREAT help!!! If I had to make a living off of my hand sewing (whether it’s seaming in my knitting or hand stitching in quilting), I’d starve–it’s just not a skill I was born with, apparently! :oops:

Sue, those links are AMAZING!!! :thud:Some people are so creative and talented…I wish I were in that group. :verysad: But I can sure try to read a pattern and copy and idea (not able to come up with anything on my own, of course!) :oops::teehee:

Oh dear, I wish you hadn’t of pointed that pattern out! It is beautiful and now I want to make it too! It looks mighty inexpensive to do if you use the wool-ease yarn. I am very tempted!! Has anybody ever knit with this yarn before? Is it soft and non scratchy?

Wool ease isn’t super soft like the Mmmms (merino and Malabrigo), but it’s much softer than a lot of wool yarns. And it’s washable.

Cookworm, I wonder about Lion patterns sometimes too. Seems to me a lot of them are more fiddly than they have to be, and not all that great for beginners either. On the other hand they have a lot of patterns that are almost the same except in different yarns. Crystal palace also has lots of those.