Has any one seen this pattern or st in anything?

Hi I am Micki and I ran accross this in a dish cloth I was making and got stopped dead in my tracks! Here goes-

Its called Acorns:

K3, P3. *(purl in front lp, wyib, knit in front lp) in next st, (knit in front lp, knit in back lp) in next st, wyif, p1; rep from * to last 6 sts, end p3, k3, (57 sts)

A very nice lady that I sent this to on line said she would post it for all to see if anyone had come accross this kind of st. She also gave me what she thought it was so if anyone out there has done this please let me know.
I have never been on this site before but who ever I did get on this forum sure was nice to help me. Thanks to all, Micki

That was me and thank you for the kind words.
You know, the pattern you wrote and sent to me was a little different, and the way you’ve typed this one is more clear.
After the k3, p3, you start the repeat - purl and knit in the same st, then k in the front and back of the next st, then p1 and repeat to the end. So for every repeat sequence you add 2 sts, and that’s how you get from 39 to 57 sts.
But possibly someone else can see if that’s correct.