Harvest Shawl Test Knit

Hello everyone!!:waving:

I thought Id move us over here so we can talk about the things we run accross during this test knit so everyone can see, in case they had the same question…and help each other out.

If anyone wants to join us to test this…please private me your email and i will send you the pattern.

It has been brought to my attention(ty Crycket) that the yardage may be somewhat of an over exaggeration.
I did the shawl on less than 1100yds but im a tight knitter and wanted to make sure there were yarn requirements suitable for all types of knitters.

Please keep track of the yardage, and let me know what you used when your done.

This is soooo exciting!! :woot:

It was just math. According to the pattern, 6 balls @ 166 yrds is 996 yrds…but the truth was it was 5 balls @ 166 yrds and 1 ball at 199 yrds, and that would make it around 1029.

The only reason this was a topic of discussion was because I have 1093 yrds of Luxury Alpaca Cashmere in a fingering type weight. Therefore, just making sure I will make it. I really should, as long as there aren’t any long lengths of flawed yarn.

Either way…very exciting…it is always good to over estimate the yardage a bit. Just in case.

Can’t wait…

Ok…just started, very exciting too…I have never done a Provisional Crochet cast on before…neat-o

Anyway…was browsing my chart legend, and you have a C4F in there…but no cable needles mentioned in your Notions…

Unless of course I am blind…in which case…ignore me…smiles

Yayyy!! :woohoo: How exciting! Have had a very busy weekend (Easter, work, college hoops final four), but I should be starting tomorrow. :woot:

By the way, I also noticed the cable needle missing from the notions section.

ok Im an idiot…
i will add it …
Thanks for the catch!!!

Now on to the next one.:roflhard:

Stupid question - when knitting on row 2, do you just knit/purl though the yarn overs, or is one meant to ktbl?

Nevermind, I found what was throwing me off…

The YOs that follow purl sts then lead into a S1 K2Tog PSSO don’t really need to be YOed. The yarn is already in front. I had gotten to row two and had a double YO in those spots and it was throwing me off.

Man…Lace, not for the tired or distracted…sigh

Yea lace is very demanding…rest assured tho, when you get to the 3rd or 4th repeat, you will be doin it much easier. I had it memorized by then.

check my other post out…Ive taken pics of some of the stitches…and it talks about the types of yo’s ive used in this pattern.

That was nice and clear cut. smiles Once I had gotten though the first two rows (for the third time) I got it! smiles But that is me with any lace. It always takes an orientation period!

Hopefully today I will motor though some of it! knock on wood

I have started and frogged this thing about 10 times already this afternoon…grr

is there someway i can help you?

Is it the pattern thats messing you up?

I was messing myself up…I think. Either way…I seem to be going now knock on wood…I apparently was messing myself up with some of the yarn overs…and it really was kinda a rooky mistake…which is kinda embarrassing…I have done lace before!!

Anyway…I am now on row 8 with a life line in place…crisis averted…!

Oh…and a little chocolate came to the rescue too!

Good Deal!!!

Chocolate is wonderful ain’t it???

Almost as good as lifelines…

Glad to hear your doin good now… :yay:

Yep…definately my own stupid mistake, but however it was I changed what I was doing, seems to be making it work! Already to row 12, and I could have had more done if it wasn’t for that pesky dinner hour!

Just so you know…I am kinda using this to blog my journey…just cause I can! winks

that pesky dinner hour!

yea i dont get why my family wants to eat all the time…

Just so you know…I am kinda using this to blog my journey…just cause I can! winks

thats AWSOME!! that way i can see whats goin on too.

How are you doing Dimpledapple??

Ok…I am up to row 19 and I think I have something wonky going on in my middle section. I could be wrong.

I don’t think this picture is doing me any good, but between me holding the camera and DHs hands, it was the best I could do…

It looks weird in the middle…is it supposed to look like this? I know it is hard to tell not all blocked out…it just looks like something is shifted…in which case it is probably my fault…

What do you think?

ok…I think I have pin pointed it, still think it might be my error, but there is definatly one there…it seems to be in row 7. I am going to tear back and try again…

Your cable cross looks like its hitting the mark, but it does look a bit…shifted further up, hard to tell in that pic. but i gotta tell you, i cant put into words how i feel to see it knitted by someone else…keep the pics commin!!

The pic in the link i gave you about yo’s, isnt blocked, you can use it as a guide if you want.

did you get it figured out?

I am literally back at row 1, giving it a try from there…I was looking at your other pics and it was definatly off. Don’t know how much longer I will be able to plug at it today, but tomorrow is a new day!

looking deeper, I want to make sure you have a grip on the cable cross…it can screw ya up…i had hoped i wrote it clear enough. if you need help let me know…and then when we figure it out…ill rewrite it. maybe its the way i charted it. it should take up 7 stitches.

Is that a pic of the whole piece? i only see one cable cross.