Harry Potter Scarf

This is my first knitting project, and I am beginning to wonder if it is a bit too ambitious. I want to knit a Ravenclaw scarf for my friend, and I also want to embroider the Ravenclaw house crest on one of the ends. I am not sure how to go about this. I have a round knitting needle and I was thinking about using a stockinette stitch. I was told that the stockinette tends to curl on the sides, so I was thinking about adding a boarder to keep it from doing so. What stitch do you think would be best for a beginniner+embroidery work? How should I go about embroidering it? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! :knitting:

Are you going to knit it flat, back and forth across both sides, or in the round? If you knit it in the round there’s no sides to curl under though the ends might. But you can sew them shut or put fringe on them.

One step at a time. First do the scarf and then deal with the crest. It will be pretty either with or without it if you decide not to.

If you knit flat and it’s in stockinette it WILL curl. A a 5-6 stitch border of garter or seed stitch will help a lot.

Here’s a pattern for knitting it in the round. It won’t curl like that.

I made one of these scarves for my niece and went with knitting it in the round. It’s double thickness that way and it doesn’t curl. I was pleased with the outcome and so was my niece (and all her friends).

Based on everybody’s feedback I am going to knit in the round! I have never tried to do the stockinette stitch in the round, but if I am correct I think you just knit every row. Thank you for your help guys! :woohoo:

That’s right, just knit every row. Good luck with the scarf and post a picture if you like when it’s finished.