Harry Potter knitting patterns from GOF and OOTP?

Greetings! Does anyone know of a site, link, book, etc. that would have patterns for things in the Harry Potter movies Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix?

I, being a junkie for all things HP, bought Charmed Knits, but it only has things from the first three movies. I’d love to see some designs from the other ones as well.

For example, I just became aware of the House Unity scarves yesterday while browsing patterns on Ravelry. I love the idea, and admire whoever noticed those in the first place, because they’re not in the movie for very long and aren’t too noticeable.


:woot: Here is the link of the patterns of GOF scarfs and the first scarf pattern too.


Currently, I am to knitting the GOF pattern with my son’s HS colors for a friend.

I hope this will help. :woot:


Not sure if any of these are from the newer movies.

Mirl56, thanks for the link. I bookmarked it because I saw more projects for me to take on. My family and friends are big Harry Potter fans.


Oh, man. I love this site. I’m in waiting so i can do the Scarf Bookmark. Right now though, I’m doing the House Crest bag, in Ravenclaw…can’t wait til it’s done!!!