Harry Potter - House Colours?

Ok - I’ve been trawling through dvd’s and other websites trying to work out the colours, but I’m still not clear…
Can anyone clarify?Here’s what I’ve deduced so far

Gryffndor - burgundy and gold.

Slytherin - green and silver in Quidditch kits, but wearing silver and black ties.

Hufflepuff - grey and blue. Or is that Ravenclaw?I think one is yellow and black, or yellow and navy?

I saw orange/red and blue on Charmed knits as well?

Thanks guys fo your help!:knitting:

Atypically knits has good patterns for scarves with yarn recommendations. I made DD a Ravenclaw film version scarf with Unger Utopia. If I were to do it again, I would want to go up a needle size, because the fabric turned out stiffer than I wanted. Have fun!


Gryffindor: red/burgundy and yellow/gold
Slytherin: green and Silver.
Hufflepuff: Yellow and black.
Ravenclaw: Blue and grey/silver in the movies but blue and bronze in the books.
The book Charmed Knits lists some very specific color suggestions for different yarns- but you can also choose what you think looks right.