Harry Potter "H" for sweater?

I found this link for Harry Potter’s sweater, but the chart that it’s linked to (with the directions for the “H”) is expired. Does anyone have a good link for it, or can anyone give me the directions for the “H”?



I saw a pattern for it in a book of knits for Harry Potter fans. Not free, though, obviously. :frowning: Hope you find one soon!

[COLOR=darkorchid]Knitting Pattern Central had a few alphabet charts which you may find useful. If you haven’t already, you should contact the Canadian Living people about the outdated link, or leave a comment on the pattern that the links have expired.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#9932cc]Good luck![/COLOR]




At the above website you’ll find a program that will generate a pattern from a picture. You’ll have to have create the type face letter in the size you what in the appropriate formate then follow the directions on the site. It’s a cool site and very handy.