Harry Potter Crocheted Items

I saw the Order of the Phoenix for the second time a few nights ago, and I have to admit that since the first screening I’ve been absolutely hooked on Luna’s scarf!

And a close-up:

I feel in love. <3 Can you blame me?

I know a few people who swear that it’s a crocheted piece; since I’m inexperienced at both knitting and crocheting I was praying they were right. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had an idea where I could find a similar pattern I could follow to get a piece similar. C:

Thank you!

[B][FONT=Arial]A couple of fabulous members of Craftster worked out the details on this scarf…Looks pretty close, if not spot on, to me![/FONT][/B]


[B][FONT=Arial]Creators Notes: Its length is about 1.80m (an online converter tells me its 5.9 ft) and it took a bit more than one skein of Phildar Préface. I used a 2.5mm hook (Ravelry tells me it’s between a B and a C hook)[/FONT][/B]


[B][FONT=Arial]Foundation chain- a multiple of 6 plus 4, the plus 4 counts as last chain, first dc and ch 1.[/FONT][/B]

[B][FONT=Arial]Row 2: dc in 5th chain from hook. ch 1, skip ch, dc in next ch repeat ** [/FONT][/B]

[B][FONT=Arial]Row 3= ch 5 (counts as first double treble), double treble in same stitch, Treble, treble in same stitch, skip next 5 stitches, treble, treble, double treble, double treble, double treble, treble, treble in next dc repeat ** until you reach the last stitch, in that stitch, treble, treble, double treble, double treble.[/FONT][/B]

[B][FONT=Arial]Row 4= ch 1 to turn, sc in same stitch. chain 8, sc in middle double treble of next group repeat **, sc in last st.[/FONT][/B]

[B][FONT=Arial]Row 5: ch 1 to turn, 4 sc in ch 8 loop, ch 3 for picot, 4 sc in same loop, skip sc repeat, slip stitch into last stitch, break off yarn and weave in ends.[/FONT][/B]

[B][FONT=Arial]Add yarn to the other side, and repeat rows 2-5.[/FONT][/B]

[FONT=Arial][B][COLOR=red]NOTE[/COLOR]: A double treble is yarn over 3 times, insert hook into stitch, yarn over, draw through (5 loops), yo, draw through 2 loops (4 loops left on hook), repeat 3 more times until you only have one loop on the hook.[/B][/FONT]
[B][FONT=Arial]A treble is the same thing, but you only yo the hook twice. [/FONT][/B]
[B][FONT=Arial]When you are following international crochet patterns, the number of lines across a T is how many times you yarn over before inserting the hook into the stitch.[/FONT][/B]

oooh, very nice! Thanks for this :woot:

Thank you for the pattern and the close-up of the stitches! This will be one of the Christmas presents for DS’s girlfriend.


Thank you so much for posting the pattern, I’ve been looking forever (or so it seemed) and never found it!

Thanks a ton.

i odd have to say that I like the scarf. I might have to do one up for me :smiley: