Harrisville Highland - is it scratchy?

this is the recommended yarn for the Bzzz Queen Bee hat in SnB nation. really cute hat that my friend wants me to knit. I’ve never touched it, so I don;t know if it;s scratchy or not.

Or, if you dont know this wool, can you recommend a two ply yarn with a color similar to the “gold” in this picture?

It’s definitely on the scratchy side, IMO. :frowning: Have you looked at Cascade 220?

Also, IMO, anything I’ve ever had given to me that was Shetland wool gave me the itchies forever!! I just can’t stand the feel of it against my neck or wrists, much less anywhere else!! I think a Merino would be a good idea, too, if you’re thinking non-stratch!! :smiley: :smiley:

thanks for the heads up ladies. i think ill go by way of cascade if i cant get a good match at knitpicks merino style