So I was in my LYS the other day, and the owner says to me, “Alison, I’m reading a book called Yarn Harlot. I think, my dear, that you’re getting close to being one!”

I couldn’t stop laughing, quite frankly. First, being called a harlot any day of the week just REEKS of nostalgia! But besides that, I’m an Orthodox Jew. And on the right wing side of it, too, so being called a harlot when you’re covered from head to toe, including thick black stockings, is nothing short of hysterical.

I get such funky looks from my fellow knitters when I venture out to the store. I think they think I’m Muslim because of the scarves I usually wear on my head, but Ellen Goldfarb is the owner of the place, and she’s a former New Yorker who grew up in Queens, so she knew right away.

Yarn harlot … hee hee … perhaps I should embroider it on my knitting bag or onto a pillow??? :roflhard: :roflhard:

By the way, just wanted to tell all of you what a wonderful little knitting community this is. You’ve all been great, and there’s nothing like hanging out with a bunch of enablers to fuel your addiction!


Are you a labor coach type doula? What a great job!

Honey, if you’re considered a Harlot, I’m afraid to ask what I would be considered! :rofling:

Ahhh…we ‘yarn harlots’ come in all shapes & sizes, religions & genders even :wink: !
Nice to have you in our little crazy knitting community Alison :wink: Looking forward to getting to know you :smiley:

Ingy, you are the YARN MADAM!! :thumbsup:

:roflhard: :rofling: INDEED :notworthy:

I’ve been a labor doula for about 6 years now. I’ve taken breaks from it, but continue to stay active with other doulas in terms of keeping up on research and being in the birth world.

My daughter was born at the end of July (a lovely homebirth, actually), and I thought I wouldn’t want to go back for some time, but she’s been a very good sleeper and has a very easy going personality, so I think I might get back into the work sooner than I thought. The money is good, especially here in Northern CA, and I love to attend births.

A midwife friend of mine used to cross stitch while her clients were in labor, and I can see myself knitting while my clients sleep during early labor.

And yes, it’s an incredible job!! I love watching new life come into the world and helping a couple become a family. Birth is such a miracle …


I had the priviledge of watching my younger grandson come into the world. A miracle, indeed. :wink:

:roflhard: :rofling: INDEED :notworthy:[/quote]

Doesn’t the Madam get a percentage? :thinking: Start forking up, everyone!

I think the “real” (www.yarnharlot.ca) yarn harlot is a doula too!

Welcome! Harlots unite! :cheering:

I always thought being a doula would be a fantastic job. And a great way to combine with knitting!

I’m an Orthodox Jew too and if you think you get strange looks going into an LYS try being a 6’3" man wearing a kipah going into one:D

I like to think of myself as a yarn FLOOZY. Possibly a yarn STRUMPET.

I think each of us has to really ask ourselves exactly what would we do for cashmere?

:thinking: :thinking: :oops:

:eyebrow: :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I hope I’m never in the situation to find out!

I am just :roflhard: over this thread. I like harlot. I can think of worse things I could be called :oops: Welcome to the forum, Alison and waves from another doula. I haven’t attended a birth in quite some time as I’ve had some health issues that make me too tired for the long nights, but love helping to catch those babies!