Harley Davidson logo?

Does anyone know where I can find a knitting pattern of the Harley Davidson logo? I’ve had no success trying to find one on-line.

If you have a jpeg or gif or png image of a logo, you can upload it here, and it will make a chart for you.


First look up “harley davidson” in google images, save an image to your hard drive. Then use this website to create your own knitting pattern.

Holy cow–that is AMAZING!!! Thanks Jan and gardenmommy–I had no idea something like this existed!!! :happydance:

That is so cool! I bet my husband would wear some hand knitted Harley gear!

I’ll have to check that site out too. My dh rides a Harley Davidison Road King Classic. He’d be very surprized to see me knitting the HD logo. :XX: :XX: :XX:


Now there’s an idea for another felted bag for me!! :cheering:

:oops: Now I cannot imagine that any of you are going to “mass produce” any of your knitted items so it’s probably not an issue but…

Harley Davidson Motor Co. plays hardball with their logo and copyright infringement. They have an entire legal department who spends all their time on this very issue. They go after ANY company that sells things with their logo that does not have the authority to do so - big or small, doesn’t matter.

They have stated that they do not have a problem with individuals using their logo for personal use - i.e. tat’s or things like that - but don’t even think about selling anything with the logo! It may sound stupid but my DD did research for a school paper and what we found out was surprising and I thought I’d pass it along. You know a “FYI” kind of thing.

I hate to sound dumb but I’ve never knitting from a chart…

How do you convert that to a pattern–I assume that one block equals one stitch…so do I just take a normal pattern and figure out what the center would be and substitute the colors on the respective rows?

Sorry to sound silly…

You got it! :thumbsup:

Excellent point! Disney does the same thing I’ve heard. Be careful, knitters that you are only making something for you!

Well, if I can do it, I will earn big “brownie points” with my hubby…he just bought a “Wide Glide”, and he’s bursting with pride…it’s been his life-long dream to have a Harley and he finally has one now. I thought maybe about making him a little felted bag or something; I don’t know yet. Countingsheep, thank you for the heads up about the logo, too–this makes sense. I wouldn’t be making anything I’d sell though, just something fun for my husband. I may even remove all of the wording from it and just put our last name where the “Harley Davidson” part of the logo is in white…I think he’d get a kick out of that (“personalizing” the item).

I wanted to do this as more of a “wow factor” for him that (1) I’m showing my support of him having his motorcycle/fulfilling his dream, and (2) that I could tackle a project like that. Too bad I couldn’t have this done in time for our anniversary; it’s only a couple of weeks away, and I’m already working on something for him at breakneck speed to finish.

:cheering: :cheering: Congrats on that Wide Glide! And you are just too awesome wanting to knit something for DH and his new toy!

DH rides a Heritage Springer and I ride a V-Rod and it’s been the best thing we have ever done. I hope that you two enjoy it as much as we have.

No, HD will most likely NOT come after you for doing a surprise for DH… (looks funny but you know what I mean) :rofling: I was thinking about knitted things that we would like and came up with a couple of suggestions:

A black scarf with the HD logo on the ends - your neck gets very chilly if you ride in winter! :shock:

Special socks to be worn with riding boots. Now, no one can see these but, trust me, they would be most appreciated. My feet get hot and tired when I ride so special socks would be a nice gift.

Good luck with your projects and have fun out on that bike! Good to have another biker/knitter on board! :happydance:

Well, since DH rides a Honda and I have the Harley, anything I knit will be for ME and only ME :rofling:

Andrea–YOU GO GIRL!!! :cheering: (I always say that I am the only one who truly appreciates my own knitting anyway, so you should make yourself something–after all, you know the time and effort it took!)

Actually, I’m a big scaredy cat when it comes to riding on the back of bicycles…have been since I was a kid, so my husband is sad that I don’t jump up and down to ride with him on the back of the motorcycle. It’s not a motorcycle thing so much as it is a lack of control thing (like I said, I was this way since I was a kid with bicycles). So I figured knitting him something Harley would be a different way to “show my support” for his dream, although he’s convinced that if I ride on the back a few hundred times, I’ll certainly get over my fear. I don’t know…kinda hard to break something you’ve been afraid of for 30+ years. Anyway, I told him that although I’m afraid to ride on the back of the bike, I might be okay if I were the driver. You can imagine how well that went over! :rofling: He said “No way”, and I told him he was stingy! :smiley: Anyway, I think that learning how to knit at 34 was “challenging” enough for me…I don’t remember too much nowadays and it’s surprising I can remember how to knit and purl! :lol:

Oh, and countingsheep, thanks for the ideas for my gift idea…I had no idea what to attempt! I wanted to try to keep it easy as I am still a beginning knitter, but I also want it to look fabulous and like it was the most difficult thing in the world to knit…you know…“Yes honey, it was really hard, but you know what? You’re so worth it!” That gets me more brownie points! :rofling:

I found this one !!!