Harlequin pattern


I am having some trouble on row 4 where it says:
ch 1, skip first sc and ch 3

Wouldn’t this just be chain 4? How are you supposed to skip one and chain in the next? I must be missing something??

According to the pattern it says to skip the firstt st and the chain 3 space then proceed with 3dc, ch1, 3dc in top of 6dc tog.

Oh ok…I think I get what it’s saying now…to skip both the sc and the 3 chains… however… when I do that, it seems to have set everything over way too far.

Im not sure if I’ve messed something up on the row below or if I’m just doing row 4 wrong. Any ideas? Or maybe it just looks odd because it’s not finished yet?

I suggest that you finish the row and do the next row as well and see what it looks like then you may find that it works itself out

I will try that! Thanks for clearing that up for me. :hugs: Im going to restart it anyway because there are some rather large holes on my set-up row. I think I’ve been knitting too long and not practicing crocheting enough. :crazy_face: Haha. My stitches don’t seem to be as tight as the picture.

According to the picture it looks just fine,

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I agree your work looks fine. If you’re unhappy with it you could try a hook a size smaller. I just came across this pattern when I was looking yesterday. I might do it myself.

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Thank you! I did go down one hook size and redid the whole thing. The holes are much tighter now but I’m still running into the issue on row 4. It just doesn’t look right to me. It’s almost as if it’s shifting over too much…if that makes any sense? If you start this pattern…can you let me know how it turns out for you?? It’s really difficult to explain without actually doing/seeing it.

So if I do what it says to skip the first sc and the 3 chains…all while making 6 stitches on top of the ones below it… it looks like this:

If I keep repeating the pattern…it seems very off from the rest of the pattern and there is a huge hole in that first shell. I can pull and tug to adjust it but unless that stays how I’ve tugged it…it’ll just stretch back out again.

I’m test driving a swatch. I’m not exactly certain what’s wrong or where. Here’s a pic of the end of row 3 in my swatch. I’m thinking the last sc might be involved in your dilemma. This shows it. Make sure you have that sc in the right place.

From row 3: ending 6 dc-tog (skipping sc in center), ch 3, sc in top of ch 3, turn

Now here’s where you start row 4
Row 4: Ch 1, skip first sc and ch 3, *[3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc] in top of 6 dc-tog,

I had to restart a number of times with this swatch. It’s not an easy pattern to figure out. I wish it were charted.

I looked for a video. This is a Catherine’s Wheel variation but none of the ones I checked started the rows at the same point in the repeat. I will consider finding another pattern and just doing it easier…if I can find a video that shows me how to do it it’ll be easier.

I know…I love how it looks in the picture but I can’t seem to figure it out. :confounded: I even tried placing the sc in two different places to see if I was doing it wrong. Then I tried only skipping the sc and not the 3 chains. It just never really came out right. If you come across a better pattern for this, let me know. I found this pattern on a blog and the video they suggest watching isn’t for this pattern. In the video I believe she’s doing 9 dctog instead of 6.

I think I finally found the errors. This pattern is mostly the same but there are some slight differences in rows 3-4.

Off to try this one instead. Hopefully it works! :grinning:

I’m not sure there are mistakes in the pattern. I’m not sure there aren’t. I like the link you shared. I’ll try that Harlequin later. Tonight I’ve got a Virus on the hook I want to get back to.

Hi, I can see what you did based on your pictures. You have worked your Increases “[3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc] in top of
6 dc-tog” as straight stitches. You worked each DC in a different stitch in the previous row instead of working them all in to the top of the single stitch dec. “6 dc-tog over next 6 dc (skipping sc in center)

Rows 2 & 4 both use increases where you work a cluster of stitches all in the top of the decrease from the previous row. They should fan out at the top like a “V” (but with triple dc for each side of that “V” with a single chain creating the gap in the top of the “V”

The decreases in rows 1 and 3 make an inverted fan shape like a “˄”. (the dec. in row 1 & 3 are the “6 dc-tog over next 6 dc (skipping sc in center)”).

Your increases “[3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc] [All] in top of 6 dc-tog” will also make a fan shape above the dec. in the previous row.

I added the word “All” (shown in italics) and emphasized the following words (in boldface) to help us see it as an increase.

I have only finished my FC and setup row in my test swatch so I don’t have any pictures at the moment.

I’ll include a hand drawn (or may use Windows Paintbrush) chart for GG.

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Here are my pictures.
Set up row:

Row 1:

Row 2:

Row 3:

Row 4:

Greenway Crochet Chart


Wow! Thanks so much @OffJumpsJack ! I’m not entirely sure I understand what you’ve done but I’m about to sit down and try this pattern yet again. :woman_facepalming: I had to walk away from it for awhile, got a little too frustrating. Went back to my knitting project (and finished :clap:). Thank again for taking the time to work on this!

@OffJumpsJack I just finished my swatch… it turned out MUCH better! I think I finally got the hang of it thanks to your chart. That was really helpful… I’m a very visual person so reading the pattern along with the chart helped so much. Thanks again! I’ll try to post an update when I complete the project! :smiley: