Hardest part about frogging

is putting back on the needle. Inevitably, I lose many more rows, and the end stitches never do end up looking right. I have tried Amy’s inserting the needle, and all that has done is mess me up worse…

I am working with a noro kureyon, and its a thick thin yarn in places, not to mention color changes. I just ended up losing at least 6 inches of sweater when I should have lost one…and, as mentioned above, after numerous attempts and additional lost rows, I got all the stitches on but the last one, and it just doesnt look right, so I dont know what is happening, if its frogging into the next row (and I tried so so so hard to not let it do that) or what.

I am going to have to go into LYS tomorrow before I work on it further—i am already so upset I am trying not to cry and I dont want to lose more rows just to fix one stitch, but my several attempts at fixing it did not help, in fact probably made it worse.

Is this just something I need to practice on? Will I ever get it? I tried undoing stitch by stitch, very hard to do with the kureyon thick thin, and already I could tell there were places I had messed up on, so I had watched Amy’s video’s last night…tried to do the cable this am…and it was a total disaster…with the thick thin you just can’t see where the rows are…so then just tried to reinsert the needles…and had numerous dropped stitches…

If there was one thing that would make me stop knitting, it would be this. Am I the only one that has this problem??

Trying to frog with a ‘novelty’ yarn is difficult, at best. My only suggestion is to pop out one stitch at a time so you can see the loop that results and then pick it up with your needle. It’s tedious, but may be the only way.

Another suggestion is to set it aside for a while and knit with a regular yarn just to get more of a feel for what stitches look like and how to make corrections. Then you can apply that knowledge to a more difficult yarn.

Hang in there. It’s supposed to be fun. :wink:

If I have to frog, I go stitch by stitch, especially with a novelty yarn. Noro is pretty pricey isn’t it? If so, I would reccomend playing with a more inexpensive novelty yarn to get a feel for making mistakes with it, so you’re not out as much if it gets tangled beyond repair.

My biggest pet peeve is making a mistake with fun fur…oh man does that stuff tangle!!!

Yeah, I know, and I love the knitting part of it, I do…I guess the best thing to do is make a big test swatch that I can frog and redo until I master this part of it…with this stupid Noro stuff, I did try to undo stitch by stitch, and because of the thick thin part, even that didnt work right last night.

At least I am able to work on the OTHER side of the sweater, until I get into LYS and ask her whats up with that last stupid stitch :)…that has always been my biggest problem with the frogging, always. I seem to remember some tip about a safety pin, but can’t remember where you are supposed to put it.

The only thing I’ve ever heard about a safety pin is to keep track of right and wrong sides, especially in garter.

What I would probably do if only the one stitch was giving me problems and I didn’t think it would run, would be to let it go and then make a new one next row. But that’s just me. I cheat!

There’s actually a good article on TINKing and ripping (TINK is “KNIT” backwards). Anyway, check it out here:

My problem last night with the stitch by stitch may have been the lighting. I need to get an ott light to work by in the evening I think.

Marnie, I bookmarked that spot, and will not give up on that technique of inserting the needle where you want to rip to. Luckily with my Denises, I am able to move on in this project…but I may give it a rest tonight and work on the afghan that never ends :slight_smile: (which was the worst test of my frogging abilities ever, over and over…until I started inserting lifelines!!!)

Denise can solve all of your problems…

Like your Noro problem, if it’s too much trouble SEND IT TO ME!

Denise say, having a bad day? Eat a brownie.

Denise say, having needle trouble? SEND THEM TO ME!

See how GREAT Denise is??? :roflhard:

What a generous gesture! Your altruism is overwhelming. :rollseyes:

Denise, thank you so much for your generous offer! Who knows, if the PMS gets really bad I just might take you up on it!!!

I just want to add that when I first tried to fix mistakes, whether by tinking (love that word!), inserting the needle, or laddering down, they all seemed horribly hard and cumbersome to me. I tore my hair out. But the more I have done them (and I’ve done a LOT of all three lately :rollseyes: :rollseyes: :rollseyes: ) the easier it gets. You just (unfortunately) have to keep making mistakes and trying to fix them. :wink:

Instead of using a knitting needle when I frog one stitch at a time I use a darning needle with a length of contrasting yarn. It seems to be easier than trying to put it back on the knitting needle … even easier than using a smaller knitting needle. I have also used it down several rows … then frog to the after thought “life line”

I just actually had my 1st opportunity to frog back to my reinserted circs. My cat Binky decided to “redesign” the kennel blanket I’m doing - either that or he was trying to “approve” of it’s softness… :doh:
Anywho…It’s a patter with a row of yo’s and k2tog’s every 4 rows with regular knit and purl rows between. I reinserted my needles in what appeared to be the purl row as the bumps were easier to see. I ended up picking up 2 more stitches than what my count actually was… but after frogging back (i do like the tinking term!) to the circ and restarting my knitting… i was able to see and correct the extra stitches i picked up. i lived in fear of having to do this but this time was not the case… I guess that moment must have been the time for me to learn! It can be done. I think we fear it because we try to do it right the first time! Can’t learn from mistakes 'till you make 'em I guess. When reading this thread earlier, i wondered about the use of a darning needle and yarn to pick up stitches to frog back too…I wondered if that was logical, and Debbie posted it so knitters must think alike!
Good luck, you can do it!!! :thumbsup:

Hmmmm…i am liking the afterthought life line…i am almost tempted to go down another row and see if I can make it work…almost, but not quite!!

With edit: I examined my random stitch at the end…and decided to try slipping it back to the working needle and purling it…and that seems to have done the trick…I then kntted the next row and the edge looks ok, so it must have frogged one stitch into the next row.

Usually the simplest fixes are best! I’m glad it worked out for you.