Happy Wedding Wishes for Cryket

Cryket, if you can’t check in tomorrow, I just want to wish you a happy, happy wedding day and a wonderful start to your newly married life. Congratulations and Best Wishes! :clink: :balloons: :heart: :hug:

Congratulations and I hope everything goes well! :hug:

Me too! I wish you a wedding with no worries :clink: and enjoy the rest of your lives together :heart: I wish your marriage to be full of love, friendship, understanding and mutual respect :muah:

I hope your wedding day is everything you dreamed it would be, and more.

When Cupid shoots his arrow tomorrow, I hope he MRS. you!!!

Have fun, relax and enjoy your wedding day, my friend! I’ll be right there watching and I’ll take lots of pictures to post on KH.

Congratulations and Best Wishes for a Happy Future together.

I was thinking that too- Congrats and all the best to you both!

I hope it all goes well (do they ever? :roflhard:)


Congratulations and best wishes!!! I hope your wedding day and the rest of your life together is filled with love and laughter. Have fun tomorrow!

:cheering: :yay: :woot: :woohoo: :muah: :inlove: :heart:

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:muah: Hope your special day is everything you wanted and more.

I hope you enjoy your wedding day! I hope it is filled with love and wonderful times with your family and friends!

Keeping fingers crossed that all goes well and you have a fantastic time!

May the love you share today grow more with every moment you spend together.


Congratulations! :hug:

:muah: :heart: May every joy be yours!


Congratulations!!! I hope you know that, although most of us here have never met each other, we will all be with you in spirit on your special day. I hope you have a fantastic wedding day, and I wish you love, health, friendship, and good wishes for your married life together.

:yay: :grphug: :heart: :muah:

Best Wishes, Cryket! I will be thinking of you.:hug:

lol! We can always count on you to say something appropriate can’t we?! :teehee:

Congratulations! :clink: Here’s to a lifetime of loving!