Happy spring everyone!

Yeah!!! :cheering: We made it through another winter!!! I am so doing a happy dance right now. Even though it’s only a ‘balmy’ 42 degrees right now, it doesn’t even bother me because I know it’s only going to get warmer as the days go by!!!

:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

Enjoy your first day of SPRING!!!

:woot: .

Would be easier to enjoy without the flurries outside my window. But the birds are back & chirping, so there’s hope it’ll get warmer.
Happy spring!

Spring officially arrived at 1:48 am this morning, according to my weatherman.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Happy spring everyone!
Here in the Netherlands we’re gonna have snow this easter!:??
So for us no signs of spring yet…

Oh my the birds! Spring officially arrived here last weekend. How do I know this you ask??


Beautiful bird, but annoyingly loud. :nails: We have 2 that claim their territory in our backyard every year, which happens to be a wooded area, and boy are they a mean little bird. And so so so terribly loud.

Ahhhhh nature, ain’t it a beautiful thing. :teehee:

Yay! Happy Spring!