Happy Labor Day!

See I even spelled it like you do :stuck_out_tongue: It was hard to spell it without a u :teehee:

What are you all up to on your free vacation day? =D

I’ll be… working :passedout:

Nooooo! Thats not fair! Call in sick :teehee:

Seriously not right to be working today!!! I will be spending the day knitting and hanging out with family :slight_smile: Mmmmmm BBQ tonight!

We are working in the UK today =P We don’t have labor day but we did get a national holiday last Monday :wink:

:teehee: That’s the joy of being self-employed. I COULD not work if I wanted… but I have so much work to do… I really really have to. :doh:

I promise, I won’t work TOO much. :teehee:

Holidays are always good :slight_smile:

mowing the lawn, getting the kids to clean their room since 9 yo doesn’t have football practice today (but does the next 3 days) and school starts the day after tomorrow, homework, and some more knitting.

I’m probably just going to veg out because I’m too tired to do anything else. This heat is killing me… the house just can’t cool down so it’s making it hard to sleep. :hair:

Have a good day everyone whether you spell it labour or labor!:teehee:

Happy labor day all!
I will be spending the day doing homework and running after kids. Even though I am on practicum I still have a ton of translating to do. sigh hehe

I’d like to get the husband to cut the grass today but I don’t see that happening. He’s already sitting at the computer watching anime… :gah:

Hi Mulene and all, thanks for asking! Labour Day. I like that better, but I lived in London and miss it… so…

I am doing LAUNDRY, isn’t that holiday like??? But I’m also knitting and sneaking in a movie here and there.

And cleaning out the laundry room… and I moved this ancient antique ironing board into my bedroom (out of the laundry room) and have arranged all my beautiful skeins of yarn all over it so they won’t sit on the floor in bags anymore, and I can LOOK AT IT FIRST THING WHEN I WAKE UP! ha

and, just to prove some Americans are a little different, instead of grilling hot dogs and Hamburgers (well we have hamburgers also) we are grilling OCTOPUS later.

Jan… wish it was hot here, already getting chilly in the Catskills mountains… HAVE A GOOD ONE!

I am cleaning the house for the inlaws arrival tomorrow and getting some packing done to move out on the 21st. Hubby is upstairs watching the tv and will take the girls to the park to get out of my hair for a little bit.

I have the day off (yay!)

Going to go to Tucson (about an hour away) with a friend and go to Michael’s and JoAnn’s.

I am going to be knitting & cross stitch shopping and she’s going to be fabric shopping. :slight_smile:

First thing this morning we had a fish funeral. Silent Bob didn’t make it through the night. Cleaned the fish tank and argued with the kids that we were not immediately going out to get another one. Did laundry, watched DH wash his truck, knit a little, now I’m waiting for DH and DD to get back from her 2nd ever driving lesson. Then I’ll watch DH b.b.q some chicken and make baked beans. Later I’ll have to blow dry both the DD’s hair for school tomorrow and help DH pack all his stuff back up to leave again in the morning. I think I need a day off!!

now i’m picturing some mmmmmalabrigo slathered in BBQ sauce sitting on a grill. :noway: :teehee:

I spend the first half of the morning knitting and then about 3 hours cleaning and doing laundry. Now the DBF is napping and I’m considering doing the same. My Manos del Uruguay afghan is actually near completion. This is the first time I’ve felt motivated to finish it so maybe I’ll just keep knitting.

I learned yesterday that US and Canada are the only countries that celebrate Labour Day in September. The rest of the world celebrates Labour on the 1st May.

Apparently it was in response to a strike started by the Printer’s Union (when Unions were illegal) who wanted a 55 hour work week, at 6 days of 9 hours.

In the US and Canada there was a huge ground swelling of support and eventually the government got involved. After a few years of ‘labourer’s’ continuing to celebrate this event, the Governments made it a National Holiday.

Anyhow. We were to go to a BBQ that was sponsored by the City’s Labour Board. But then I had the kidlets start their school (home-schooled) and DH got going on a project in the bathroom that was to have been done for ages… so I didn’t mention it until too late :wink:

I’m not working. No school, no mail, no fed offices and even my son’s dad has the day off. But I know some body has to work or all the power would go off, the water would be poisoned and life would end as we know it. Also lots of low wage workers at Wal Mart, restaurants and malls, moview theaters are working. It’s noce to have a day off but I also gotta think about how there really is no day off for everyone. So I’m sending all the folks who half to work to keep me alive some good vibes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~:heart:

I’m working tonight! (Well I guess it is morning now).

Jan I hear ya - it has been >100 here every day for nearly a week I think! My dogs just lay around during the day snoozing and then when it finally cools off at night they keep me up running around playing. :woohoo: Our poor AC has been running nonstop and it is still 85 inside!

Are you south of LA?