Happy Friday Everyone!

Ahhhhhhh, the weekend is close. Are you planning on taking a block of time for you and just knitting? (I’ve got to fix a dropped stitch run in my footie-never try to knit with 2 yo grandtwins ‘helping’.) I also want to clean up and re-organize my knitting area. What’s on your knit to do list this weekend?

I haven’t thought much about my to do list yet, but there will definitely be some knitting!

I should have an order from Knitpicks on the doorstep when I get home (or actually it could be in the garage or on the ground or taped to the mailbox, depending on the whims of the delivery person) with some yarn I can thank Ingrid for :slight_smile: and some extra needle tips, so I will be reorganizing my Options needle binder and casting on for a scarf, while also working on 2 sweaters.

Its suppose to be cooler here so I’m hoping to get all my chores done (taking shermee for a rabies shot, grocery shopping, cleaning, sorting my upstairs closet) out of the way early so the rest of the weekend I can enjoy my swing again :cheering: while knitting on Cozy…while watching the kids enjoy the outdoors again… although I’d really like to have cozy done before the weekend… don’t think it will happen…

I’m taking time this weekend to learn to spin =D If all goes well I’ll be bringing a wheel home with me and practicing a LOT!

How cool Mulene! I keep talking myself out of learning to spin. I already spend enough on yarn without adding roving and a spinning wheel. I’m sure I’ll “crack” someday though. :rollseyes:

Me too! Plus, my house is rather small and I wouldn’t really have much space.

I want Mulene’s weekend… :rofling:

Ok here comes an enable post… BE WARNED!

I live in London, in a TINY weeny little flat with a cat and what would likely be called a small stash by some, my mother however would likely refer to it as a mountain of yarn.

Anyway, I won’t have much room at all to play with, and yes I was concerned about adding roving / fiber to my already expensive habit but I have good reason :wink:

Anyway for the space challenged, I give you The Ashford Joy wheel:

its small enough that it fits into its nice blue canvas shoulder bag (which will store nicely in the bottom of a wardrobe, or the top… or the shoe rack (if I didn’t have a bad shoe habit also) or errr… I’m sure a home could be found :wink:

Now my reasons for learning to spin are many - not least of which because its an “I wanna do that!” type thing but also because I can get my hands easily on some bamboo fiber for spinning, but getting hands on bamboo yarn in the UK is not straightforward :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I want to be able to spin some yarn, knit with it and say “tada lookie what I did!”

If after trying the spinning at the lesson (its a one on one with a lady who has been spinning since 1971) I think “I am NEVER ever going to have the hand eye and feet co-ordination for this” then I’ll not come home with a wheel. I know the lady is keen on the Ashford Traditional wheel (that is what I’ll be learning on) but I am afraid I couldn’t have one of those it just seems too big!

:rofling: hands off my weekend! I’ve been dying for this day to arrive for the last couple of weeks hehe

I’ll be working on Tempting most of the weekend. My goal was to have it done by sunday night, but I don’t see that happening. :rollseyes:

I might even work on preemie hats.

You’d be so surprised about the hand and feet coordination thing. I have a double treadle and it is a breeze. I actually prefered its spin over a single treadle. Try one, trust me! I have an Ashford Traveler. Love it!

I tried the Joy. Loved it except it was really low. I’m short and it was still low. So, if I got one it would only be for traveling. I couldn’t use it all the time. Very smooth spin though. Second only the the Louet.

Please tell us all about your spinning! I am looking forward to reading it.

Must clean the house first, but then I hope to hunker down with my triangle shawl and keep plugging away at it! Hopefully I’ll get far enough to post some WIP pics on Monday!

Have a good weekend everyone! :XX: :thumbsup:

It is a FABULOUS Friday. The temp has finally dropped some and there is a delicious breeze. I hope to go yarn shopping and I’ll be working on my first pair of socks. They are toe-up and I’ve ripped them out probably 6 or 7 times but I’m enjoying the learning experience. I also intend to do a little gardening since the weather has improved.

Nadja :XX:

First of all, I’m going to have my G.D. over nite tonight :cheering: . Then tomorrow morning I’m off to my LYS for a new sweater class. It’s called Diagonal “Mystery” sweater. I’ll do housework in the evening (maybe) The hot weather has let up a little here. I might do some outside work too.
Happy knitting