Happy Easter

My sisters little girl Brooke’s debut, I knit her a poncho…what do you think, do i need to place some buttons or ties on the sides…any input would be great. Knit with Lopi.

Rhy :XX:

Awww. She’s a cutie! Great job on the poncho! I like the hood. I think ties on the sides would look really cute!

Yeah, she’s an angel…

I am thinking it needs maybe some i-cords or something otherwise it wont stay put…the pattern was really simple, its actually nicer than it looks in the photo…the sides are wider, but they turn under abit without something there to hold them in place.


What a gorgeous little girl - wearing a gorgeous poncho!

BOth look fab. I agree that ties or something might be a good idea for the sides - you could even add pompoms to them to make it really girly :smiley: (I have two boys and two nephews so I have to get my girlie pleasures vicariously through other people’s daughters and nieces :frowning: )

I like Sue’s idea a lot - you could do pom-pons or tassels. You could maybe even add a little color (maybe some leftover pastel yarn from another project?) for the ties and tassels or pom-pons? You could try mixing in some pastels with the gray leftover yarn you probably have from this project?

Ok, well that settles it then, i’ll add some pompom’s & i’ll post the pic again.

Thanks everyone, i knew someone would offer a remedy!

Rhy :thumbsup:

:smiley: Great job & gorgeous little girl :smiley: I must agree, I-cord ties with pom poms would be darling :wink:

That’s so cool I wouldn’t mind one for me! :lol: Yup, I like the idea of ties, buttons would pull too much. You could do a different color too.
Nice job.

Both the knitting and sister are adorable!

:shock: Oh gosh, that’s my sister’s baby, not my sister…hahaha…im 30ish, can you imagine the mother… :roflhard:

Yeah, she’s a sweetie for certain…and the idea with the ties being another color is kewl too…Oh decisions, decisions…hehe

Rhy :XX: