Happy dance! I learned how to knit on circulars!

:woot: :woohoo: :woot:
With the first pair of circulars I had I couldn’t do it. I gave up for a little bit and went back to straights. Then I got a pair of Addi Turbo circulars. OMG! I :heart: these! Was kinda hoping I wouldn’t because they were so expensive. I don’t think I’ll ever knit with anything else, LOL. I suppose I’ll have to until I can afford to buy more. Man, these are the BEST. :cool: I’m not screaming and swearing at my stitches and they’re a joy to work with. I can even knit with the pretty purple boucle yarn on these needles that I was having so much trouble with before on straights or circulars. It’s a breeze! cloud9


Whoo-hoo! Congratulations:happydance:

Out of curiosity, what’s the difference between the Addis and the other circs you tried?

I don’t know what brand you were using before, but I have found Knitpicks Options and Addis to be pretty comparable, and the Knitpicks are a lot less expensive. They have the same “smooth” finish. I think Susan Bates Silvalume needles (not the plastic ones or the Quicksilver ones) are be pretty good too, and again they aren’t too expensive.

I have no idea. :?? I don’t know that much about how any of them are made. They look the same but the Addis just work smoother. No fighting to get into a stitch, no having to try 7 or 8 times for each purl (ultimately losing count of where I am in a pattern). With the curly boucle yarn, they just hit the right spot to make the stitch without even having to see where I should be putting the needle. Could be my tension is looser with the Addis. Before circs, I was knitting with the long straights and balancing them on my lap. It was so awkward to hold my arms up with the first circulars and having nothing to balance. With the Addis, I took right to it. I can even knit “normal” now with straights. No need to balance them on my lap anymore. :slight_smile: I never said it made sense, LOL.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Craw, I know how you feel…
I am just about finished the body of my first big sweater on circulars and I bot Addi Turbos too. They were recommended by a lady at the lys and I have fallen for them.:inlove:
The other circulars I was using always seemed to grab the yarn and hold onto it. I was always having to fight with them:fingerwag: … but the Addi’s just make everything slide but I’ve had no trouble with the stitches falling off the needle.
They are so comfortable in the hands as well.
I’m certainly sold… wish I could afford to buy a whole bunch of them. Oh, well, I’m happy with what I have.
Congratulations to you… switching from straights to circulars is a big step… :thumbsup:

Awesome! I love circulars, I use them exclusively now. I am partial to my Boye Needlemaster kit, but I’ve heard great things about the Addi turbos!

Heh, heh – congratulatons, you are hooked!
From this and your other post, I am guessing that what makes the Addis work for you are (a) the very flexible cord and (b) the fairly blunt points, which slip into the stitches without splitting the yarn (especially “difficult” yarn like boucle).

If you start doing precision knitting like lace or socks, you may find you want sharper needles. The KnitPicks needles are sharper than regular Addis but Addi also makes gorgeous lace needles with thin cords and tapered, pointy points. Hiya Hiya also makes excellent sharp-pointed needles at a very good price.

The thing about collecting good needles is, you don’t have to go out and spend a pile of money at one time. Buy the size you need when you need it and in a couple of years you’ll have a collection of tools that are a pleasure to use for a lifetime.

BTW: There are several dealers selling Addis on Ebay at big discounts. The needles often come in German packaging (Addis are made in Germany). If you go that route, and are worried that the needles may not be authentic, be sure the seller has close to 100% positive feedback. I’ve bought many needles that way and have always been pleased. Just saying.

Congrats. Knitting on circs is fun.:happydance:

:cheering: Congrats!!

It really does help to have the right tool for the job, doesn’t it. I have a set of KnitPicks Options, and several Addi Turbos for different things. There really is not much difference in performance.

Have fun, can’t wait to see your sweater!