Happy Birthday Knitting Guy -- Our Favorite Truckin Knitter!

Hey Dude…

[CENTER] Happy Birthday!!!


Mason: :present:

:note: Happy Birthday to you,
:note: Happy Birthday to you,
:note: Happy Birthday dear Mason,
:note: Happy Birthday to you;

:note: May you live a thousand years,
:note: May you drink a thousand adult beverages,
:note: Get plastered Trucking Knitter,
:note: Happy Birthday to YOU!!! :note:

Happy Birthday, Mason! :clink:

Thanks :mrgreen:

:balloons:Happy Birthday!! :present:

Happy Birthday! Aren’t you glad we aren’t around to annoy you with the clapping restaurant birthday song?

Any plans for your big day?

Happy birthday Mason :slight_smile:
How does it feel to be 21? :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday :balloons: Hope it is is GREAT!!! :present:

No big plans, just another work day for me.

:balloons: Happy Birthday, hope you have a great one! :present:

Happy birthday - :present:

[CENTER][COLOR=Red][B]:balloons: :balloons: Happy Birthday :balloons: :balloons:[/B][/COLOR]

Happy, Happy Birthday, Mason! We share the same Birthday! Here’s to another great year for both us! :clink:

Well then, Happy Natal Anniversary to you too!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:present::balloons:

Hope you have a great day !!!


:balloons: :balloons: Happy Birthday Mason :present:

:present: :balloons: :clink: Happy Birthday, Mason, our favorite guy, may you enjoy many more. :yay:

Happy birthday from far far away!!! Be careful on the roads :hug: