Happy B-day to me!

Today’s my 27th and DH just surprised me with a black Jordana Paige bag and a set of Denises!!! :present: :balloons: :happydance:

I have the bestest hubby EVER!!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

~Sharon, off to go stroke her new bag now…[/b]

Aren’t you a lucky girl!!! Give that bag a stroke for me too! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday to you…
Happy Birthday to you…
Happy Birthday dear Sharooooooonn…
Happy Birthday to you!
And many mooooooore!

Happy Birthday! YAY for your husband! He did great!

:balloons: Happy Birthday!!! :balloons:

[size=7]:balloons: [color=red]H[/color][color=orange]A[/color][color=green]P[/color][color=blue]P[/color][color=indigo]Y[/color] [color=red]B[/color][color=orange]I[/color][color=green]R[/color][color=blue]T[/color][color=indigo]H[/color][color=red]D[/color][color=orange]A[/color][color=green]Y [/color][color=blue]S[/color][color=indigo]H[/color][color=red]A[/color][color=orange]R[/color][color=green]O[/color][color=blue]N[/color][color=indigo]!!![/color] :balloons:[/size]

:balloons: Happy Birthday to you! :balloons:

Oooh, what a great hubby! Not to take away your b-day spotlight, but mine was yesterday and my DH got me the Weekend Knitting book! :thumbsup: Oh, so many new things to make!

[color=indigo][size=7]HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!![/size][/color]

That’s a great hubby you have there!!

Happy birthday, Sharon and Mer!

Happy Birthday’s!!! Mer, hope you had a great day!

Sharon, hope your day has been extra special too! Do you live in MD? Have fun playing with your new bag!!


Lisa :XX:

Thanks so much, y’all! :smiley:

Happy b-day, Mer! You share a bday with my younger brother.

My b-day was a blast - DH took me out to dinner at Ruth’s Chris, MMMMmmmm. Good stuff - it was great getting out of the house sans-baby.

Lisa, yuppers, I live in Glen Burnie.

Happy Happy Day to all the birthday girls!!!

:::::::: waving hi from catonsville ::::::::::::::

How many more Marylanders are here???

… Please pardon this interuption …

[size=6]B-more in the Hiz’ouse!!![/size] :waving:

… And now back to our regularly scheduled programming …