Happy April Fool's Day

Be careful out there… :grphug:

Those of you who use gmail, make sure you check out their new feature, Gmail Custom Time!

No kidding- this year my daughter got me where it hurts…

My FO prayer shawl has been hanging in a bag on my baker’s rack waiting for my husband to deliver it to his mom when he goes down there in a couple of weeks.

This morning, my daughter (she is 12) came out of my son’s room (he’s 5 and a red headed mischevious terror) and asked me if I knew where the shawl was. I told her I did, and where it was, and she just shook her head. I looked- the bag wasn’t there. She told me that Declan (said 5 yr old terror) had apparently cut it and unraveled it all over his bedroom. (which is SO something he would do- he cut a chunk out of my hip length hair while I was washing the dishes once, and also cut my favorite skirt WHILE I WAS WEARING IT- again while I was washing dishes. Maybe I should get a dishwasher.)

Of course everything was fine, and she laughed and laughed. She really had me worried for a minute there!


I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Here at Dental Help.com no one likes to play jokes.

Thank goodness yall reminded me it was April Fools…I’ll remember to be on my watch out there now :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my GOSH! You must have a strong heart. I believe I would’ve collapsed on the spot.
But I guess you’ve had some endurance training from the previous episodes…

Yes, endurance training at it’s finest.

Although sometimes you will find me in the corner curled into a fetal position, rocking myself and muttering “This too shall pass…”

If the child wasn’t an absolute JOY to be around (he really is a happy spirit, not mean at all just curious) I would have sold him back to the gypsies by now.

And isn’t everyone glad we can also get dental help here too? LMAO @ the April Fools page!

Your dd got you better… but I just got my dh… told him the roof was leaking, he totally fell for it! Was ready to come home from work and everything! :roflhard: Kiddos thought it was funny too! I LOVE April Fool’s Day!

but I just got my dh… told him the roof was leaking

ha HA! Evil!

This morning I got my dh. Told him just after he had gotten out of and just wake enough, I had broken my computer!:roflhard: I said it with a tear in my eye that always work.
That my computer died and I didn’t know what I had done. He turned looked at me with his head down do you know what you did to it? Nope I said I was so sorry and could he some how fix it. As he went to look I said April Fool dear. He laughed and now I am on the look out for him to get me.
I just love April Fools day. It was my dad’s birthday and he loved getting all of his kids on Fools day.:roflhard:


Just before I logged in here (love the new home page!) I emailed my hubby at work to tell him that I broke his laptop. He leaves it sitting on the edge of the recliner and I said I caught the power cord while I was swiffering and it hit the ground HARD and cracked the casing. Did I mention that this laptop is on loan from the Air Force? evil mischevious grin He’s going to call me soon calling me names I’m sure I’ve never even heard before.

Played the same April’s fools joke on Steven that I do every year. I put a rubber band on the sprayer on the sink. At first it didn’t get him wet b/c he didn’t turn the water on high enough. So he thought he’d leave it on there so that it would get me. Then he went about making his breakfast and lunch. Well he forgot the rubber band was still on there and wen to wash his hands (water on full now) and got soaked. He took a picture with his phone and emailed it to me. (I was still sleeping, I’m still surprised that he didn’t dump a cup of water on me to wake me up)

It soaked his work shirt and under shirt. I love it.

He then was frustrated and took the rubber band off. I was going to trade out the sugar for salt but didn’t want myself to forget and put it in my coffee. If I had any needles around I was going to add food coloring to the eggs so when he went to make breakfast he’d have colored eggs. But alas I’m not a druggie and have no needles in the house. note I do know that one does not need to be a druggie to have needles in the house

So, 19 years ago today, my DH and I were married. It was a sunny, very hot day in SoCal. In many ways, the joke was on us for getting married on April Fool’s Day (which really suits us, believe me!!) - the catering department at Costo, the bakery, the florist and the rental place for chairs, stantions and chafing dishes all made me pay 100% up front (where this was normally a deposit at time of order and pay balance on delivery). Worse, no one came to my wedding - we invited 75 people, including the wedding party, and around 20 came. Absolutely everyone but our closest friends and family believed it was an elaborate April Fool’s joke.

In the end, however, the joke was on all of our friends, who were goggle-eyed to discover that we really had gotten married. The looks we got were really quite comical as we took to the dance floor that night at the country music bar where we had met, complete with wedding finery and wedding party in tow. LOL! :slight_smile:

I love your April Fools wedding story!

I barely missed being born on April Fools day- by 3 hours & 53 minutes.