Hang up on abbreviations


I hope someone can help me. I am a debutante knitter, started about a year ago and now I am hooked. I have recently wanted to do bigger projects such as sweaters. I have a lovely pattern for a rowan ribbon twist cardigan. However I am having trouble understanding one of the instructions:

one row says for ex: K2, *yfwd, K3, sl 2, K1, p2sso, K4, yfwd, K1, rep from * to last stitch, K1

I have 2 problems with this, but the major one is : how do I do a yfwrd ??? Is it the same thing as YO??

The other I am not sure what p2sso (pass 2 stitches over)…what is the difference with this and slip 2 stitches??

Thank you so much for your reply.


YF is like a YO. On this pattern, k2, move your yarn to the front, then knit 3, bringing the yarn over the top of the needle. A yo!

Not so sure about the p2sso, but look at the abbreviations under the Glossary tab at the top of the page here.

The glossary yfwrd says that this means yarn forward. That means that you move the yarn forward in between your needles you would if you were about to purl.

p2sso: This means that you take the 2 slip stitches and bring it over the knit stitch you just did. It would be the same thing as psso but passing 2 stitches at once instead of just one.

Hope this helps. -Ve

I thought that was what p2sso meant, but had to leave for work, so didn’t have time to think about it. Also read it in too much of a hurry to catch the sl 2, k1 just before… :wink: