Hanes Delivered

Please check it out: http://knittingpearls.blogspot.com/

:roflhard: That struck me as so funny!

lol! How much do they stretch?

Yup…those look like they are made for a bitty booty! :roflhard:

Cate, I didn’t even bother to see! Ingrid, I don’t laugh out loud that much, but it REALLY made me chuckle.

On the topic of stretching and bitty booties…
I just started a ballet class last week and had to go find myself a leotard. Apparently, if you don’t want to spend a bunch of money at a serious dance store, you have to be a little girl…So I bought a girls’ XL from Wal-Mart. :oops: Thank goodness for spandex and shorts to cover my butt, because it sure doesn’t!

let me just say that after our disscussion on small sizes i thought that maybe i should have gotten a lg…well i got mine last week and i have say that they are now my favorite drawls…they stretch and you can barely feel them! and mine are med. and i wear a 10!!!

i was going to ask if anybody got there but i didn’t want to put everbody bidness out there!!!

i got a med too, and mine fit wonderfully. I have about a 40 in butt and a 38 waist. (i go to the gym tomorrow :cheering: )

They are great, and I will recommend them to anywone! I too thought that they were crazy for thinking that they’d fit me, but they do.

I was :roflhard: at this too! Those remind me of a pair of shorts I bought my TEENY baby daughter in the summer from Old Navy. They were 12 or 18 month size I think! :roflhard:

I haven’t gotten mine yet. I don’t have much of a booty, but at the rate they’re delivering these, I think I’ll be in Depends, anyway! :rollseyes:

:thinking: i never measured my butt before… something to do!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: Getting ready for that, Ingrid?

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: Getting ready for that, Ingrid?[/quote]

:roflhard: Not quite, I hope. I’m just glad my yarn orders don’t take this long. Hanes supposedly shipped on 10/23. :rollseyes:

Where on earth do you get the free panties? I mean, if everyone who has them is saying how wonderful they are, I want a pair! :smiley:
That and I’m desperately in need of new undies…alot of mine are falling apart and due for a trip to the garbage.

I was thinking the same thing… kinda like as if I had just found out about the free Disco! :roflhard:

I got mine about two weeks ago…I still haven’t tried them on. I’m pretty small, but these drawers are itty bitty. DH saw them and said something like: “Dang, you gonna fit in those??” How sweet…

I haven’t gotten mine yet, but from what everone is saying, they sound like the meshy thingies I got from the nurses after each of my kids were born. They looked like doll undies but stretched to fit my post-pregnant butt and hold those super long navel-to-lower back pads. Very funny little thingies. Never in my life did I think these would become part of the fashion trend. :roflhard: Hey, can’t wait to get mine. I’m not one to pass up on fashion. :thumbsup:

TMI!!! gurl TMI!!

I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKIN BOUT!!! i don’t know but i like those. one time they gave my some depends! but the hanes are more like little girl tights or stockings. bearly there feel… real nice!!

gimmiesanity~ gurl i’m reading your signy!! you go gurl!!! i recognize the author of the book you are reading!!! my Dad loves him. i read on of his books a long time ago i don’t even remember which one.(i’m not big on reading) :thumbsup: