My fingers have started to bruise, and one even seemed to get cut and started bleeding.
It hurts to knit like this. I really need to finish something im working on but dont want to stop.
any idea of what could help?

Band-aids maybe? Or perhaps you can wear gloves filled with cotton… but that would be awfly hard to knit with… I’m sorry, that’s all I can think of. :frowning:

But you should be proud. Only a really dedicated knitter would still knit with their fingers in that condition. Way to go :thumbsup:

maybe you can wear those thin gloves they use in hospitals?

Yeah! Those are nice and strechy! Put cotten in those… or loose the cotton all together :thinking: oh well…

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: Many blessings, friend! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Is the yarn causing this problem? Try to re-adjust the yarn so it doesn’t slip against your fingers, but is on thetips more. It’ll slow you down, but at least you can finish.

Oh my Gosh! We really are an addicted group! This poor woman has wounds and we’re trying to figure out how she can continue knitting…

Do you know why your fingers are bruising? Is it from knitting too much? (I know, is there such a thing??)

I sometimes have a problem with dryness & I know that can lead to cracking & bleeding. My remedy for that is to drink more water & lotion my hands often.

:roflhard: at Old Knitter. We never said we could cure you, but we will enable every chance we get.

haha. It IS from knitting too much. Its funny looking.

The yarn does cause a problem on one of my fingers, because I keep it over it and whenever I knit it just slides over. So I have a yarn burn? lol.

I have had the yarn to cause a cut on my index finger… I tried band-aids and it wouldn’t move very well and so I would try carrying the yarn lower but it would always slide up… I finally had to stop knitting and keep neusporin ?sp on it for a few days till it cleared up… I hope your hands feel better soon… could you be knitting to tight for them to be getting bruises? :heart:

There are lotions like Udder Cream (it comes in a tube with cow spots) that they sell at fabric stores that really help moisturize your skin and don’t leave your hands greasy. Quilters use it too because fabric can really dry your skin and you don’t want to get grease on your project! I love it!

I agree with Cozy - we won’t do anything but enable you even more! :wink:

When my husband helps me wind yarn (since I don’t have a swift) he wears one of those stretch gloves (like you’d wear for winter) and that helped as the yarn ran through his fingers. They are very lightweight so you’d still have dexterity in your fingers and you could lotion up before you put the gloves on to help keep the moisture in. When my hands are ubber dry (in the winter usually) I put heavy lotion on at night and wear cotton gloves to bed - that is supposed to help.

Good luck! I hope your hands feel better soon! :heart:

It sounds like you are holding your needles too tightly. I suggest taking breaks and stretching your hands and fingers. Hand Cream…I use Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme and it works very, very well :wink:

If you are bleeding on your fingertips, you might try rubber finger tips that u get @ the office supply store, these are like thimbles, but they are rubber. And then there are finger gloves.

I was at a shop recently that sells knitting things, and I saw something called a ‘finger saver’ - it looked kind of like a plastic thimble that slips over your finger so the points of the needles don’t prick at your skin. I wish I had bought one so I could let you know more about it, such as whether it affects the speed of knitting and so on.

When I knit, I find that my thumb always gets aggrivated by the yarn, and I get a sore dent in my index finger from where the tip of the needle catches. It looks a bit horrible really :? My brother told me to stop knitting (my first proper project!) for a few days so it could heal a bit… I was stunned by the thought! :shock: :shock:

Those are pretty serious knitting injuries–take it easy! :heart: :heart: