Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with this e-store!

I have once again had a lovely experience with this company. I ordered some yarn to make my son’s GF a little purse for her 18th birthday - it was actually in their clearance section. Also ordered enough so that I can make a Lucy bag for my step mom.

The yarn arrived a little slower perhaps than some, but I had received frequent email updates as to status (without my emailing them) - by slower, I mean maybe a week and a half rather than two days. The yarn itself is just too lovely to believe. Gorgeous colors. Soft on the hands, and the stuff for the purse isn’t even merino. A bit of a vinegar smell but who cares I am felting anyway.

I just highly recommend them. Such pretty stuff and nice quality and prices, and good customer service.


I :heart: :heart: :heart: Handpainted Yarns. The 6-ply bulky merino is soooooo lovely. And all of the colors I’ve gotten from them have been so beautiful. :inlove:

I ordered from them via ebay and was delighted with their yarn. It felts up REALLY well and the colors are awesome.
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I :heart: :heart: :heart: the Novelty Boutone Pure Wools. They are fun to run in with something that would otherwise be boring. My dh picked out a novelty to go into the rounded edging of his felted clogs. I have untill cooler weather to get them done. :XX:

The only problem I had with the yarn is a very strong vinegar smell. All I do is put it outside for a couple hours on my clothesline and then it smells great, but if it is too strong for even that then I was it is some Ivory gentle dishsoap and then put it outside on the line.

LOVE this company, and you cannot beat the price. When I had first started knitting and didn’t have alot of money (husband in school) I would get their lace weight. 12.00 for a good month of knitting!