I am looking for feedback and reviews on the Bulky Merino. What size needles have you used with it. What was your gauge?


Like I said in the scarf thread – I used US15s for my so called scarf – but for regular stockinette, I use US10 needles and get 3 stitches/inch. It really is one of my very favorite yarns! :smiley:

I made my daughters earflap hats with it (two from one skein) and I get more comments on them than on anything I’ve ever made. Stranges are always stopping me and asking about them, lol.

I too am making the My So Called Scarf with it, but on size 13s. Regularly I would use maybe 10s. The yarn is very soft and the colors are gorgeous!

How long did it take to get your order? Were the colors as your expected them to be? I am contemplating ordering the Mambao colorway (orange), but don’t want to wait a month to get it.


My order took about 25 days to reach me, but I think normally it’s about 2 weeks. There was some confusion regarding my order and that’s why it was more delayed than usual.
The colors I ordered (bonbom in the bulky merino and rosa purpura in the bulky handspun) were exactly as I expected, but I would think some variation is normal for hand painted yarns.
The color Mamão looks beautiful!