Handpainted Yarn 100% Wool

Hi all,

Amy, since I am mentioning another website, please feel free to delete this post…not sure exactly what the rules on that are :slight_smile:

I have some handpainted yarn for sale on eBay, http://www.ebay.com Click “advanced search” at the top right hand corner and use the option to search by user name (about halfway down) My user name is cherylkemp

i love the colors!

Thank you! And thanks for your tip on the Wilton dyes. I really love using them and the colors are awesome.

Thought I’d help ya out…

Here’s the direct link to YOUR ITEMS

PRETTY colors! I especially like the Summer Citrus!

Thanks Kelly! I like the summer citrus a lot too. I dyed several skiens like that for a felted bag I am making.

I wasn’t sure if I should post the direct link or even the whole post in case it was against forum policy. Don’t want to seem too self serving… although the category is buy/sell/swap :slight_smile: so I was hoping that I was ok doing that.

I have a couple more still drying that are emerald green and purple and I just got some more natural yarn that I am going to dye this week.

PS Finally got my geek code going! Hope I did it right. Also, what are you working on now? I saw the weenie warmer :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

I just updated my blog…