Handmixer Ball Winder

I was trying to Google how they make quilted toilet paper (I was hoping it was some kind of process similar to web-fed printing, but I didn’t find it), and somehow the search query “printing, making quilted toilet paper” gave me this result for how to make a ball winder out of an electric mixer.

Check it out, it’s kind of cool. And, if anyone knows how they make quilted toilet paper, could you let me know? :roflhard:

That is an AWESOME idea, and I can hardly wait to try it! Like the lady who “unvented” it, as she said, I am also faced with needing to wind several ounces of fingering yarn hanks into balls. Also, like her, I detest hand winding balls. :wall:

I googled ball winders on the net the other day, and quickly realized one’s not in my budget at this time, especially since most of what I read strongly urged you to get a yarn swift at the same time. :frowning:

However, if this lady’s idea really works, I should have my new balls wound in no time with my stand mixer. :cheering:

Thank you so much for sharing the site! :smiley:

Didn’t you ever see the commerical where the ladies sit around and quilt the toilet paper… that is how it is made!

Yes! But somehow, I didn’t think it worked that way. :thinking: :rofling:

:smiley: LOL, Lonnie showed that to me a few days ago when he was surprising me with ordering a ball winder…IT CAME TODAY!! He’s so sweet :inlove: FYI, he ordered a Royal yarn winder…not the mixer one…LOL :rofling: :roflhard:


Toilet Paper World! :rofling:


Thanks, Ingrid! :thumbsup: :roflhard:

Cate, why do you want to know how quilted toilet paper is made anyway? :??

Because if it’s similar to printing, I can use it for a paper I have to write. I think it would be funny to write a paper about TP. :shifty:

It would also be highly amusing if you wrote it ON toilet paper!! :roflhard: :roflhard:

Just don’t use Charmin, because felt pens bleed all over it, no matter how lightly you write.

[size=1]Don’t ask me how I know this.[/size]

But please Wynnie! I must know! How do you know this? :roflhard:

Maybe a letter to her congressman? Or the president? :lol: