Handles for a Felted Purse

I need help with the following direction for a felted purse that I am knitting:

Handles: With double pointed needles ch 7 with 2 strands of yarn. K 4, YF, Slip 3 and turn. Continue till 26 inches. I don’t know what to do with the yarn that I brought forward and when I slip the 3 stitches the YO is in the middle of the row and I’m not sure what I do with it then. It seems that the slipped stitches just keep getting tighter on the needles. Please help me. Thanks

The yarn is supposed to pull behind the slipped stitches–you will be creating a handle that looks like two i-cords stuck together.

So knit the 3, put the yarn to the front and slip the next stitches. Turn the work and knit the first three stitches from where the yarn is, bring it forward and slip the last 3. Keep going. You’ll see it taking shape.