Hand problems?

Anyone experiencing any skin or joint problems in their hands? I have immune problems so I have really bad hand eczema right now. I do have joint pains from time to time and it really sucks 'cause knitting is my favorite hobby. :verysad: I know I’m being really whinny today but you should see my hands. I look like I have bad burns. My poor wittle paws! Too bad I couldn’t knit with my feet. :eyebrow:

I don’t have quite the same problem, but I have food allergies. If I eat too much wheat (gluten, actually), or dairy, then I feel pretty terrible. I break out with eczema on my hands, and the joints in my fingers get sore and stiff. But, if I stay away from those foods, then I’m fine. The eczema and stiff joints go away. My kids and husband have food allergies too, so we’re quite the family, but at least we know what to stay away from.
I feel for you, eczema can be pretty terrible, sending hugs your way! :hug:

well, from time to time, when I knit really much, my skin does start to hurt. I don’t have excema, but I do have bad joints. My finger-joints and my wrist-joints will cause problems when I knit to much. My advise, take a break every few rows, so your joints can relax. That really helps for me (and I can feel I didn’t do that enough lately)

I tend to get eczema in between my fingers and on the pad of my hand, where the yarn runs over - I’ve found it’s worse with thicker yarn (but I haven’t been doing this long, it could be just that the aran I was using was really cheap. :?? )

If you have a Lush shop near you (or if you shop online), they do a handcream called Helping Hands that calms it down a lot, for me. YMMV.

Vermont Country Store carries a cream called Lotil. i think you can fiind it a few other places too. It works great. it is fairly expensive, but only requires a tiny dab so it works out not so dear.

I haven’t noticed it in regards to my knitting, but here in the Midwest our winters are very, very, dry and usually very cold. My fingers get these horrible cracks in them, and they get VERY sore.

The best thing I’ve ever found to heal them is called Dermal Therapy Finger Care. I used to be able to buy it locally, but the store I bought it at quit carrying it so I’ve started ordering it over the 'net. It comes out of Canada, and it is awesome. It has silk protein and urea in it, and it heals the cracks and softens up the skin like nobody’s business. I’d recommend it highly. I tried the Bag Balm, Tea Tree Lotion, pretty much everything and this is the only stuff that works for me.

I heard someone once say that diaper cream (like desitin) was the best thing they had found for their eczema. Maybe at night with some gloves on? I don’t know. I do know that I work in health care, so I’m washing my hands a LOT and it can be murder on my skin. I use Olay Quench lotion, a little goes a long way and it’s not greasy at all, plus it doesn’t dissolve latex like any product with petrolatum or mineral oil can do.

Good luck with your hands!

We have used Eucerin (NOT the lotion, the creme) and Aquaphor on my son’s dry skin. He doesn’t have eczema, but he does have very sensitive skin and in the winter he gets dry skin on his legs. Eucerin works great for him.