Hand dyed and hand spun wool

I recently made a hat from a ball of Noro Kureyon. I posted about it after I was done, however, whenever I wear it, it itches my head LIKE CRAZY!!! It’s really pretty (the hat), so I want to wear it. Also, I just bought some really beautiful, Manos del Uruguay wool to make a scarf for my knitting mentor, I am about 3/4 of the way done with it and again, when I put it around my neck to test the length, it feels like it would be really itchy to wear for a long period. I don’t want to give someone a gift of an itchy scarf…they might think I don’t like them or something :wink:

The Noro yarn I just happened to find in my stash so oh well about that, but, was the purchase of Manos del Uruguay a bad choice for a scarf? I was thinking of making a hat to match, but, not if that will be itchy too.

Any advice from more experienced knitters? I know there is other, less itchy yarn out there, but, I already bought this yarn and due to the price of it, I don’t want to just abandon it?

I was lookimg at Manos de Urugay yarn so will be inetrested in any responses you get.