Hand Card substitute?

Does anyone use something other than actual hand cards? To me, they look an awful lot like a dog or horse brush. At the time, I’m not really willing to pay $60 for a pair…do you think, just for my beginners experiments, I could just pick up a couple dog brushes?

Yep… you could use a pair of slicker brushes to start out with. They’re a lot smaller than hand cards, but it’ll do in a pinch.

Hand cards are usually much larger than a dog brush, a horse brush I’m not sure of.

You could use dog brushes, or make your own handcarders by buying the carding cloth like what is used for drum and hand cards- I believe it is sold by the inch. You could then staple gun or otherwise attach it to your own wood peices to get just the size you want- just make sure it is sturdy!

That’s true… you could buy carding cloth. My dad bought some when he made my drum carder… but he said it’s pretty expensive. You might be able to buy a pair of studend hand cards for the price of the carding cloth. :shrug: