Half sweater shawl

I am searching for a pattern for a half sweater shawl. These were popular in Florida awhile back. It looks like the back of a sweater with the arms at the top used to tie the shawl. It is not a large shawl and is great to throw over your shoulders in an air conditioned room that may be too chilly (church, restaurant, etc.). Anyone know where I can find a pattern for this? Thanks

Does it actually have arms in it or is just flaps?

I think I’ve seen one but don’t recall where.

No sleeves, just long strips like half a sleeve that can be tied in the front.

Is this the kind of pattern you mean?

That’s a cape(let). No I’ve seen what she’s talking about and it really is like half a sweater with sts cast on for sleeves.

re: sweater without sleeves that form a shawl …did you ever find this pattern? I’m also looking for the same pattern thanks

Maybe a ruana?

No, I’ve seen the pattern. It’s exactly one half of a sweater. Worked from the bottom up, sts cast on to make sleeves, then up to the ‘shoulder seam’ and cast off. That’s it, it’s a T.

Here’s are some old posts from Threads forum with pictures about two-thirds of the way down the page. You might try email as suggested but the post is old and you’ll have to wait after registering as new members can’t send email.
I think it would be just as easy to make up a pattern. Figure out the size rectangle you would like and the length of sleeve or tie that you want at the top and knit away. Do some st in the body or pattern on the edges so that you don’t get curling on the rectangular back.

Something like this???

I think I finally found a picture so I can at least find out if it’s what you’re looking for.

Yep, I think Grumpy Gramma’s is the one.

I saw that one, in multiple colors to purchase, but couldn’t hunt up a pattern that matched it.

If you can find a full sweater with a similar stitch pattern, just knit the back, increasing a few sts at the underarm, then casting on sts for the sleeves and work to the shoulder. Or just do the armhole shaping for the back as given and either pick up sts along the armhole for the sleeves or knit half a sleeve with half the shaping and sew it in like a set in.

Is this what you are looking for?

Sweater Scarf